Monday, July 30, 2012

Family Time

Well Lars isn't lacking in the entertainment section of his life right now.  We have had nonstop visitors and it's continuing for a few more weekends annnndddd we  LOVE it!Talk about some serious spoiling...whewwwww :) I don't think he was put down for 72 hours straight, but hey, I'm not complaining.  He's pretty cute, so I understand.

Then Lars got to hang out with his cousin Kaeden (Bob's nephew) for the very first time and it was so funny watching them interact.  Kaeden would tell Lars jokes and stories and make silly noises at him and Lars would stare and was really cute.  He also got to meet his Aunt Maureen and Aunt Katie (Bob's sisters) for the first time. Needless to say he's gotten round the clock attention the past two weeks and I think he likes it :)

Here are some pictures:

                                                   bob made lars an 'activity' char :)...he love it
                                                           lars and aunt katie
                                                          lars and aunt maureen
                                                    this just never gets old
                                                       lars and kaeden

                                                              lars and nana

                                                     lars and mimi

little happy family

Wednesday, July 25, 2012


Wow, I can't believe Lars is 4 months old! It really does seem like just yesterday that we were bringing him home and he was so tiny.

He's still amazing us every single day and if it's possible I love him more and more with each day that passes. He's growing so quickly. I feel like when I come home from work he's gotten bigger since that morning. He's sitting up, rolling over, laughing like crazy, reaching for things, putting everything in his mouth, talking to us and finally paying attention to the kitten kids.  If he is close to them he will reach out for them or just watch them.  This is a big deal because we have been trying to get him to notice them!

The start of our summer visitors is upon us and we couldn't be more excited! I can't wait for Lars to meet his new aunts and cousin! He's also going to be hanging out again with his cousin Margo who is two weeks older than him.  Maybe this time they will notice each other?? We shall see.

Here's a video of my sweet boy laughing! Of course we started videoing right after he had his BIG belly laugh, but it's still pretty adorable! ENJOY

Monday, July 16, 2012


Well Lars will be 14 weeks on Wednesday or so Bob can understand this he's about 3.5 months (Bob doesn't talk weeks).  He growing like a weed and is funnier than ever.

He's starting to loose some of his hair :( but still has quite a bit. I believe, although I don't want to admit it, we are starting the teething process. Oh Joy!  He's sleeping like a champ (at least at night) waking up only once. Generally he sleeps from about 9-3:30 and then wakes up between 7-8. On the weekends, if we're lucky, he'll sleep until about 9:30 and it's Aaaaaaaaaamazing!

He loves to sit in his Bumbo chair! I was hesitant to buy it b/c of some of the accidents that have happened with them. But we're super safe with it and never leave his side and it turns out that it's a big hit! He's holding his head up really well and I notice each day he's a little stronger than the last.

Him and his activity mats are best buds! He'll lay there and talk and laugh at all the animals and sometimes himself in the mirror.

Whenever Bob and I make noises at him he will mimic them and it's hysterical!  He works so hard to get one little noise out and then gets super excited and starts kicking and squirming all around. It's so damn cute. He laughs at everything and it melts my heart. He's, for the most part, really happy in the mornings.  Coo-ing and laughing and smiling and talking! I can't get enough of it.

His snugabunny is still is most prized possession! He takes all of his day naps in there and sometimes sleeps part of the night in there.

We had a quick photoshoot at Aunt Anns this weekend and although Lars wasn't in the best mood, we were able to get a few good ones.  He's just getting over his 3 month growth spurt and all he wants to do is sleep and when he's awake....well he just wants to go back to sleep. So pictures were like torture for him.

                                            this is pretty much how most of the pictures look :)

                                                          like father, like son. BEER!

Friday, July 13, 2012

Co Sleeping

When I tell people that Lars sleeps in bed with us I generally the reaction you would think I would get. And to be honest that's how I would have reacted 3.5 months ago. But things have changed, I have changed and once you have a baby you find it hard to pass judgement on other parents because well you 'get it' now. To each their own, and what works for you may not work for others.

Before Lars was born Bob and I bought an Arms Reach Co-sleeper that is basically a mini crib that hooks on to the bed.  We knew we wanted our baby close to us but never considered having him in bed. Lars slept  great in his co-sleeper...for about 2 weeks.  Around this time he started cluster feeding at night (mainly due to the low milk supply that we didn't know about yet) and would be up every 45 mins to eat and about 3 nights into this routine I said screw it.  I was so tired and worn out and was DONE getting up and out of bed every 45 mins to nurse him.  He wasn't sleeping well, I wasn't sleeping well and Bob wasn't sleeping well. So one night out of pure exhaustion and desperation I told Bob to just lay Lars in bed with us and I would just nurse him laying down and that way I could sleep and he could eat.  It was glorious!! We all slept SO much better. After that Lars would sometimes sleep in his co-sleeper but then I realized that there's really no other place I want him to be sleeping than next to me. And I can assure you Bob feels the same way.

Some people tell me I will regret this down the road, but I just don't see how.  I'm away from my baby for 8 hours during the day, 5 days a week; when I get home I want him right next to me whenever I'm home. I miss him and he misses me and waking up to that sweet little face is pure joy!

People ask us how long we plan on doing this for and right now we don't really have a set time, but I can tell you that I don't plan on having a 4 year old sleeping with us all night.

Lars has just started sleeping 'through the night' (5 or 6 hours) or only waking up once, so when 4 months rolls around and if he's still sleeping well we will maybe try putting the crib in our room and putting him down in there. Who knows?? Maybe we'll want him sleeping with us till he's 6 months. I just don't know how it will pan out.  But for right now everyone is sleeping well and everyone is happy.... so why try to fix what ain't broke?

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Breast feeding: my own personal hell

that's going to be the title of the book i write someday about ...yep you guessed it! breast feeding. holy ca-moly i've never experienced anything so hard and frustrating as breast feeding. and just how unprepared i was for the task was incredible.i don't know if there's anyway to be prepared for the hard road we've been on.  i think in my head the baby was going to be born, latch on perfectly, milk was going to come and baby was going to get all his nutrition from me.  welllll.....two of those things happened; baby was born and baby latched on perfectly.  everything else has been a struggle from the beginning. lars has always had a great latch, our lactation consultant even wanted to take a picture of his latch because it was so great.  and when lars wants to be an efficient nurser he can be, that just only happens about 10% of the time.  because he was latching on so well i just assumed that he was a great nurser, boy was i wrong. he was latching, but not really nursing so therefore the milk supply was slow and low.  this lasted about 3 weeks until his weight gain completely stopped that's when we discovered he was not necessarily nursing.  after meeting with our pediatrician, lactation consultant, ENT, and speech therapist and learning that there was absolutely nothing wrong with his tongue, jaw muscle, no tongue tie..nothing! we just had 'lazy latch lars' on our hands. it was at this time that we were advised by all of the specialist listed above to supplement with formula.  that's when things got crazy. i about lost it. i was so mad and sad that i wasn't going to be able to solely breast feed.  i had a complete melt down when buying the formula that i'm sure the check out guy thought i was nuts. that melt down lasted for a mere 3 days.

fast forward to today...we still have to supplement with formula, i pump every 2 hours and twice in the middle of the night all to get about 8 oz.  i still nurse lars when i can, but he's still 'lazy latch lars', i have painful  lets downs and nursing is a lot times extremely frustrating for both of i basically pump all day and nurse him at night.

 i had this dream of the baby weight just melting off due to the breast feeding...not gonna happen.  because i have such a low milk supply my body is holding onto dear life to these last 10lbs of baby weight in order to help make this measly amount milk. it's bittersweet really because i want it off but i don't want it off if it's helping make milk...i just wish it would help make more milk.

i am slowly forgiving myself and coming to terms with the fact that i have an extremely low milk supply. i pump like crazy and give lars every ounce of milk i have and i can only hope it's making a difference.

throughout all of this lars has always been a perfectly happy and healthy baby, his mother on the other hand had some serious hurdles to overcome along the way.

Friday, July 6, 2012

Baby Essentials

Since having Lars I have found there are certain things that I really just don't know what we would do without and since we have a lot friends that are in baby making mode I thought I'd share some of those items with y'all.

First on the list is hands down a SWADDLE! There are so many to choose from and as of now (13 weeks) we have found the Summer Swaddler to be the most useful.  Lars is just now starting to take cat naps unswaddled and being the squirmer that he is, I have a feeling we will be in the market for bigger swaddlers pretty soon. Once he's fed and swaddled, those sweet little eye lids start to get very heavy and before I know it he's off to sleepy town.

The next necessary baby item is a bouncer. Lars has loved his Snugabunny bouncer from day one...well more like day 10 once he was actually put down after all of the visitors left. In fact, he loves it so much that Bob actually made it into a plug in instead of using batteries because we were going through batteries like crazy! What he loves most about this bouncer is the vibration.  If he isn't too sound asleep he will actually start moving around when the timer for the vibration goes off.  From about weeks 3-7 Lars slept in snugabunny for a good portion of the night. I think it helped with the little bit of reflux he had.  Now, it's probably his favorite place to be next to being held by someone of course. He sleeps there for his naps, hangs out there when we need to get some chores done and sometimes just like to lay back in it and listed to Bob play the guitar. 

Next is gripe water or some sort of tummy remedy.  We have tried several brands of grip water/tummy medicine and have found that Colic Calm and Little Tummies are the best two for us.  Colic Calm somehow has this incredible power to instantly get rid of hiccups.  We don't give it to him every time he has hiccups but if they seem to be bother him or he's had them for a long time I will give him the recommended dosage. Colic Calm we have found at CVS around here and Little Tummies at Target.  These were life savers in the first few weeks when he was getting use to breast milk.  Now we use them a little less but every once in a while he'll get a little tummy ache and they are genius! 

Next is a sound machine! We have found that white noise or the noise of a fan is best.  They say it's super loud while baby is in your belly so it makes sense that they would like background noise of some sort.  I have even found that when we are in the car if Lars is a little fussy or fighting his sleep, I will roll down the windows and it's almost instant...the droopy eyes start and then it's hello sleepy town.  We have two different sound machines; one for our bedroom at night and one for the living room where he takes naps.  The one in the living room is quite a bit louder to drown out noise and the one we have for our bedroom was actually given to me by a friend that swore by it.  Now I understand. A sound machine is a MUST! The one on the left is the one we use at night and watch out it gets addictive! It's not cheap ($55 a pop) but totally worth it. The one on the right is much cheaper ($20 a pop) and we use it in living room because it's quite a bit louder. 

Next is the ever so controversial pacifier (said in a very sarcastic voice).  Some people choose to use them and some don't.  I thought I would be one of those that didn't but boy was I wrong. We introduced the paci around 3 weeks and it worked for us.  He's not an overly huge fan of the pacifier generally only getting it for sleepy time and he sucks on it for a few mins then spits it out and passes out.  We needed something to soothe him while I was at work and the pacifier was it! Sometimes he's just not in the mood for it and if I'm around he'd much prefer a boobie but when I'm not or when we are in the car, the pacifier comes to the rescue.  We've tried a few different pacifiers and the Soothies seem to be the winner. And if you decided to use a pacifier please know that you will end up investing a small fortune in them because no matter how many damn pacifiers you buy for some reason you can always only find 1 or 2.  It's like socks in the dryer...they just disappear.  You can find these anywhere really.  For a pack of 2 they are about 5 bucks. 

Glass bottles round out my list of must haves.  I originally purchased glass bottles because it seemed to be the more 'eco' way to go and while it probably is there is another reason I would recommend them.  They warm up MUCH MUCH quicker than the plastic ones and when you have a screaming hungry baby nothing could be fast enough.  The glass bottles are mainly used when I'm not around....more like when my boobs aren't around. Bob quickly discovered that they warm up in almost half the time of the plastic ones.  We heat up water in the microwave in a mug then put the bottle of milk in the mug.  The glass bottles take about a minute tops to get nice and warm. 

I've learned that babies (or at least ours) are actually pretty simple little creatures...when it comes to their needs. It took us a while to figure this out, but once you do things get MUCH easier. 

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Funny Things...

Funny things I say or think now that I have a little bambino

1. when trying to decide what shirt to wear or buy ..."hmmmm how quickly can I get my boob out?"
2. "hey babe, do you think that is spit up or poop on my jeans?"
3. "does this shirt smell like spit up or you think I can wear it one more time"
4. "don't forget to wipe under the ball sac"
6. "what did the poop look like?"
7. "hey, can you just hold his head on my boob so i can take a drink of water, thanks."
8. "did he poop? smell his butt."
9. "SHIT!...there's poop EVERYYYYWHERE"
10. "look at that he grabbed my glasses (or insert anything he does here), i think we have a genius on our hands!"

                   how could it possibly be a bad day when i wake up to this every morning
                                         oh daddy is just soooo funny!
                                                    just takin' a snoozer

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