Thursday, January 31, 2013

First Cold

A few weeks ago Lars had his first little cold. It was no surprise really being that I had been sick for a few days and as hard as I tried to keep my distance it just didn't happen.

He was fine all day and even when I was rocking him and he slept until about 10pm and then the craziness started! If you looked up in the dictionary (and if it even existed) : First time parents to a baby with a cold, it would say ASHLEY AUTHEMENT & BOB KEATES next to it. It's almost comical (now) how clueless we were. The second he started crying I knew something wasn't right. He doesn't generally cry like that. He may whine and fuss a bit, then he rolls over and goes back to sleep. This was a BIG cry. I went in there and rocked him and immediately heard the congestion in his nose. So at 11pm I sent Bob to HEB to get some medicine. I had no idea what to get and neither did he. So he came back with medicine....medicine we could not give b/c he was too young. Lars was up alllllllllllllllllll night long. Not one ounce of sleep. We tried everything. We rocked him, walked around with him, put him in bed with us, fed him and by 430 I just got up and went in the living room with him. We literally had no idea what we were doing. And why in the middle of the night does everything and every decision seem harder and more stressful? By 8AM I had found my brain and put it back in my head and headed to Walgreens. I spent 50 bucks on all things cold related that he could have or use.

The reason for this post, other than a good laugh is to share with you what we did that actually had Lars feeling like himself within 24 hours because I would have loved some advice at that moment.

We first set up the humidifier (duh ashley)
Hylands cold tablets
Vicks vapor rub on his feet with socks every few hours
Saline nose spray
Vicks Soothing Vapors Plug in
A few warm baths and showers with a baby menthol bath fizz
and of course lots and lots of mommy time (it was like i was pregnant again and had a permanent attachment. lars absolutely did not want to be put down so i brought an ottoman and a pillow in his room we took lots of long naps in the rocking chair.  i was sad he didn't feel well but i was loving the mommy/lars time.)

Our puffin muffin is doing so great!!! He makes us laugh all the time and his of course growing up way to quickly for my liking. He's a precious precious little angel baby!!

hanging out in his new toy box that aunt ann made him. it took us a while to get him out of it and to put his toys in! funny funny boy!!

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

where's lars?

that's the question i ask over and over again because lars is never in one spot longer than 1.5 seconds.  he's perfected his crawling and if we thought he was a wiggle worm before, i'm not sure what we are going to call him now because that boy is into EVERYTHING! even when you're holding him he's trying to crawl up your body, he crawls in his sleep, he tries to crawl when he has his bottle.  he's just so damn happy that he can move now. he had been trying so hard for so long. he looks adorable when crawling!! his little booty in the air and his tubby little legs inching along. i just can't believe we're already at that stage! and yes, i know what's next but i don't like to think about it.

our perfect lars-y morning and who owl

lars and dada feeding the ducks

lars and nana at the park

loves his dada!

he talks to the fish (gish) 

yep. soak it in. he's really that cute. 

his first Popsicle. he adored it but couldn't take his eyes off of Elmo 

elmo is taken very seriously in our house. no messing around. 

still can't take his eyes off elmo!

eggs for the first time. they were a BIG hit!

bob teaching lars how to spin the toy. 

Monday, January 14, 2013

Happy NINE Months to the Puffin Muffin!!!!

I'm a little late.  Lars was 9 months on Jan. 4.  Perhaps I'm a little late because I'm in denial?? I can't believe it.  Lars is doing so much lately that wows us.  The little wheels are always turning and he's like a little sponge.  He's crawling, clapping, pointing, talking, standing up in his crib (we just moved the mattress down), trying to pull up on everything he can and is making us very very happy like always. He's also feeding himself much better lately which he is very proud of.  Anytime he does something that he's proud of he will clap. It's really adorable. He has taking a liking (more than before) to all of his musical instruments. His drum and his xylophone are his favorites and after he makes a few sounds on each he looks up and claps! He also DANCES as shown in the previous post. Could there be anything cuter??? This boy really knows how to shake his booty. Probably b/c I've been telling him to 'shake...shake. shake your booty!' since he was about 2 days old.

O Lars. Our sweet precious boy.  You are our joy.  So much love for you puffin. SO. MUCH. LOVE.

Monday, January 7, 2013

Dancin' Lars

Saturday, January 5, 2013

First Christmas!

Well Christmas has come and gone and boy was it eventful! We all had so much fun visiting everyone and watching Lars open and eat his gifts and wrapping paper. At times it was a little much but for the most part he was wonderful for all of it.

Lars and Maddox

awww...sweet cousins. 3 weeks apart.

lars just wanted a nibble. just a little nibble. 

"look how funny i am margo!'....he's such a showoff
his first present

nana and all her glory

me and my sweet sweet maryanne

b/c this is adorable. 
beautiful little margo

"you're all mine bow...all mine."
his favorite gift of all. his tom tom drum!

his other drum that was sorta for him and perhaps daddy.....

our official christmas photo.  what can you do?

"these bows don't stand a chance"

who is this baby and why is he standing up?

lars met santa and he wasn't quite sure what to think. in about .3 seconds after this  shot he lost it and freaked out

swinging on the hammock 

"you either don't stand a chance"

he loved this. he destroyed that grapefruit and loved every second of it

momma and her puffin muffin!

lars and paw paw

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