Tuesday, March 26, 2013

almost, but not yet

I'm going to go ahead and assume that my next post will be pictures of my puffin muffin's FIRST birthday. *sigh* I just can't believe it. A whole year! It really does seem like just yesterday that we were driving home from the birthing center and I was thinking wow, we're bringing home a baby....A BABY!

OK, OK enough with all the sappy mommy talk. That's for the next post!

Lars is still trying to walk...no walking yet.  But a few times he's stood alone unassisted, but honestly I think he doesn't realize he's not holding onto anything. The first time he did this was in the bathtub and he's done it a few other times. But as soon has he realizes he's not holding onto anything he flops down on his booty.

We are slowly introducing milk.  I've given him goats milk, rice milk and cows milk and to no surprise he's fine with all! We're working on finding which one he likes best but so far I can't tell. He seems to like all of them a WHOLE lot :)

He's cutting teeth like crazy.  He went from having 4 to having 7 ...almost 8 in the past month. Poor little puffin. He's been such a trooper though.

I have been trying to get Lars to say Dada for a long time and it just hasn't happened. He knows who and where Dada is but he just hasn't tried to say it.  So, the other morning I started saying Papa and this morning he saw Bob and said Papa!!!!!! I guess Dada just wasn't doing it for him.  He said it loud and clear and it was super cute. I guess Bob is now Papa. Not sure how he feels about that but I don't think he has a say in it the matter. He was a puddle of mush when he heard him say it.

Oh Lars, you make me crazy and you make me want to squeeze you! I love every single thing about you!!

my beautiful boy

on this day it was just too chilly to play in the water outside, so we brought it inside. 

oh the tubbiness. it will get you every time. LOOK AT THOSE CHEEKS!

papa came home with a pool!!!!! 

pure naked joy!!!!!! he LOVED it!

happy happy little man

he's like our cats...he adores boxes!!!

he puts all of his toys in and then goes and gets them out. 

his first time with goats milk. he seems to be ok with it wouldn't you say?

bob was mowing and lars was just watching

his favorite part of the day. DINNER TIME! this looks like blueberries, avocado, pears, and probably scrambled eggs

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Lars and in Charge

That's why I've been calling Lars lately. He's just so funny and so determined and so squeezable and so hungry :) and so wonderful. I wish I could let you squeeze his cheeks through this blog...then you would understand the craziness that he makes me.

A few weeks ago I would have told you that I didn't think Lars would be walking anytime soon, well I'm glad I didn't tell you that because I think it's right around the corner. Just within the last few weeks he's been letting go of whatever he is holding onto and wanting to turn around and walk.  He recently climbed half way up the stairs at my brothers house with no problem at all. It's coming. I know it. I'm not ready for it. He's still my tiny little baby in my head.  When he starts walking I don't think I can cling to that thought any longer.

We or should I say I, are officially done making pureed baby food. Lars eats any and everything and it's been so much fun offering him all kinds of new foods.  He's so excited to feed himself and he's so excited to eat big boy food. It's probably his favorite thing to do.....no, not probably, it IS his favorite thing to do. Boy loves to eat!

lars playing with maryanne and maddox. they had so much fun!!

me and julie and margo and lars.  here is jennifer's caption  for this picture (cracks me up):  Awww I love this! Love all 4 of them! Look at Margo, she has happy feet 
Lars must be looking for the ice cream truck 

me and maryanne

just because

lars and daddy hanging out in the hotel. just watching some curious george. it's what they do


Lars and his grapefruit with grandmaw and pawpaw

Lars and the grapefruit. 

makes me crazy!

me and lars with mawmaw and pawpaw

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Happy 11 Months Lars!

Yep, you read that right.  ELEVEN MONTHS! WHOA! My precious little angel baby is growing up rather quickly.

Lars is doing great! He's still eating like a horse, crawling like mad man and he thinks almost everything is super funny....except the 4 teeth that have just showed up recently.  Now that he does not think is very funny. :)

He makes truck noises (vroooooommmmmm) when he pushes his cars and trucks around the house.  He plays a little flute that Nana gave him and he's actually pretty good at it. If you let him to roam free around the house he will immediately head to our bathroom and stand up at the bathtub and bang on it. He LOVES his baths. LOVES THEM!!! In fact Ann gave him one the other day in the middle of the day because she must have been easily convinced :)

what can i say? the boy loves to be naked and play his drum. 

FOOD. that's all. 

first grilled cheese

eating can sometimes be rough

seriously, could it get any cuter? 


my sweet love

daddy dressed him one day before I cam home. 

bucket baby


The picture below is a little fuzzy but I wanted to brag on my wonderful husband just a little bit. Bob has been working really hard on converting a deep freeze into a kegarator.  Well mission accomplished! And it looks awesome. I will put up more pics of the inside later because the inside looks CRAZY! I just get in trouble for opening it. Anyway, we have 3 taps for 3 different beers.  We only have one now but Bob is brewing beer in the near future and we will soon have Bob's Brewery in our on garage! If this doesn't sound impressive, it should b/c it was an ass load of work!! 

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