Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Heading to Hill Country

If y'all didn't know already, we are moving! If all goes well we will be closing on May 23 on our current home and on May 24 on the new place. We are moving to a beautiful quaint place called Wimberley :)

I am very excited to move to Wimberley! I think it fits us so much better and I know we will discover that our life out there is exactly what we were hoping for.  The new house or should I say fairly old house that we bought leaves me with many many mixed emotions. It is certainly not this: (our dream home we planned for that had the perfect mix of modern and rustic, that had big windows and high ceilings) This is still a hope for us but we didn't want to stay where we are until we could make this happen.

Sooooo we found this:

A 20 year old southwestern style home located on a beautiful tree filled 4 acres. I have several reservations about this move.  The house needs quite a bit of work.  We're gutting the kitchen, tearing down a wall and adding an addition, painting all interior walls, ceilings and trim and eventually have to replace the entire staircase. And a whole slew of other small renovations. When I see it in writing I wonder what we got ourselves into. But, there's 2 reason that justify all these reservations.  The first one is that front porch, which should actually be considered a second living space because it's GINORMOUS!

The second reason is this:
These two people are going to have a BLAST out here. This house is on a lot with tons of mature oak trees that dip down to the ground.  I can just see Lars climbing all over them.  It's got big rocks and small rocks and medium sized rocks...rocks to build the perfect fort.  It's got a creek down at the bottom of the property  and when it rains guess who's going to be the first ones down there with a blow up raft???....Those two people right there. And last but not least it not only has a tree house but a tree city! It needs a little reinforcing but by the time Lars is old enough to play on it, Bob will have certainly made it PERFECT.

There's more work to be done than I want to think about, but I think in the end it's going to be wonderful!

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

where's a tooth fairy when you need one?

If only there were a tooth fairy for when teeth were coming in....perhaps she could come magically relieve all the pain, fussiness, and tears and make them into cupcakes and sprinkles. Why isn't there a fair for that, huh? Because this momma fairy has tried all outlets to make tears into sprinkles and fussiness into cupcakes and so far the outcome has been....not so good.   We aren't even asking for money just some relief...that's all :)

Lars is on a tooth cutting spree.  He is cutting teeth all. the. time. Whew!! He's got 8 or 9 and 3 or 4 of those have been within the past month or so.  I feel so terrible knowing that I've exhausted all of my options and it only seems to take the edge off.

The days and nights are hit or miss.  You never know if it's going to turn out to be one of those days or if things are going to be good.  Recently, he's been having some pretty rough nights which in turn makes for some not so fun days, but nevertheless we still try to make the best of things!

a little nakey reading

and a little nakey flute playing...always seems to make things better!

giving vera kisses

he was blowing kisses, but apparently I only get a finger worth of kisses, not a handful :) 

playing in wimberely


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my mornings. who ever knew i would love morning THIS much!?

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Rockin' Lars

If you assume there's going to be a video of Lars rockin' out to some jams, you won't find that in this post, but perhaps another one for sure. This post is about my absolutely most favorite thing to do IN THE WHOLE ENTIRE WORLD and that is rockin' Lars. I love, no, I'm obsessed with rocking Lars. I've actually had dreams about rocking him. True Story!

As I've mentioned previously and as most of you know from first hand experience Lars is not one to sit still...AT ALL. The boy is constantly moving, even in his sleep, hence why he was not a good co-sleeping candidate. When the time presents itself (once in a blue moon) and he actually stays still for more than 30 seconds, Bob or I always makes a comment like, "wow, he's never been so still' or we don't say anything at all but look at one another with the faces that say shhhhh don't say a word and ruin this sweet moment. Needless to say I rock Lars whenever I have the chance. On the weekends I rock him for all of his naps and bedtime. During the week I rock him for bedtime and I look forward to our bedtime rocks so so so so very much! You know how they say guys think about sex every 9.2 second or something like that (seems exhausting) well I think about rocking my sweet baby boy...maybe not that often but A LOT! :)

Rocking Lars is like my meditation.  It puts me in a state of pure happiness.  It allows me to clear my head and to relax and to focus completely on us.

Although I'm no longer rocking a 6 1/2 lb newborn baby anymore, not much as changed. We certainly had to change positions several times because for some reason he just keeps growing. But we have found a pretty comfy spot that has been working for a while. At night after Lars has had his bath and we've put his jammies on and he's all fed, I turn his lights off and he immediately snuggles in to position.  Sometimes he squirms and talks to me, sometimes he plays with my hair, sometimes he just lays there and looks up at me, sometimes I sing to him, and sometimes he falls right to sleep. Once he's asleep I sometimes nuzzle his face up against mine, sometimes I just rest my lips on his forehead, sometimes I put my mouth so close to this that I can feel his sweet little breath, sometimes I focus on the weight of him in my arms and how even though he has more than quadrupled his birth weight, he still fits so perfectly there. Rocking him is just intoxicating! Time seems to fly by and the rest of the world and worries seem to fade. Before I know it, 30 or 45 minutes have passed and I know I need to lay him in his crib.  I will tell myself, 'ok, on the count of 3, i will get up and put him down' 1,2,3....nope, not yet. just a few more minutes.  It's not a bad battle to have with yourself :)

I will rock Lars until he tells me he doesn't want to be rocked anymore and then I may bribe him to let me rock him some more. Through all of the sleep training and advice I received during Lars' restless first 8.5 months of life, there was one thing I wasn't willing to give up and that was rocking him. There was really nothing that could have convinced me that rocking my sweet angel wasn't the right thing to do. Now, even more than normal, I want to get home and rock with Lars!!

the Lars hair. 

do i have anything in my teeth or on my face or on my whole body?

messy spaghetti....his favorite

seriously...he's that cute, i promise!

a precious captured moment of Lars actually sitting still on me...granted Elmo was on the tv, but whatever! :) 

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Lars' World

Thought I'd share with y'all what's going on in Lars' world recently. He just had his 1 year check up and he's 23.5 lbs and 31 inches long.  70th percentile for both. His head on the other hand is in the 100th percentile, actually it was off of the graph that they use to chart him :)  He jumped from the 55th percentile to 70th in weight and height.  The doc seemed pretty impressed because he said a lot of toddlers at this age will actually plateau or even drop because they become pickier about what they are eating or they just want to play.  There's no doubt that Lars wants to play but he still does LOVE to eat.

I guess you could say he's become a little pickier about his foods but not really so much about what it is, but just about how much he eats.  He will still pretty much eat anything you offer but after a few minutes he wants to get out of his chair and play!

No walking yet but he's getting braver and braver each day.  It's coming!!

We are still working on a sippy cup.  He's fine with water in it but when it comes to his milk he still prefers his bottle.  I'm not in a huge hurry to get the bottle out of the picture.  He knows how to use his sippy cup and that's all I'm concerned with.  He still gets 3-4 bottles a day with about 4 ounces in each but his main source of nutrition is coming from his solid food that eats.

We still haven't offered him meat and he seems to be doing wonderfully.  Again, not in a huge hurry for that either.

Lars adores Elmo! LOVES ELMO! We watch Sesame Street every morning and he doesn't really pay attention until he hears...'la la la la, la la la la Elmo's World, la la la la, la la la Elmo's World. Elmo loves his goldfish, his crayon to, thaaaaaat's Elmo's World!"  his face lights up and he gets very excited! I guess it could be worse because I don't mind Sesame Street, it's actually pretty funny at times. I don't remember watching Sesame Street as a kid so it's all new to me!

He loves cars, trucks, tractors, motorcycles, barking dogs...anything that's loud and boy-like. We were walking around Wimberley the other day and 2 harley davidson motorcycles passed super close by and I was sure he was going to freak out bc of the noise but he actually started laughing and going vrooooom, vrooooooom and reaching for them. He loves to play in the front seat of our cars, he puts his hands on the steering wheel and makes car noises while turning the wheel.  He loves to run his cars and trucks together and bang things together. I see drums in our future :)

I can't wait to get Lars in a swimming pool!! I think....no, I KNOW he's going to fall head over heels in LOVE. That boy loves water, he loves baths, he loves his baby pool he loves to the hose he loves to put water in his mouth then spit it all over him. He's going to love to swim!

Lars is sleeping about 10-12 hours at night generally from about 630/7 pm - 630/7am.  He's still taking 2 naps during the day...one in the morning and one in the afternoon.  Both are usually 45 mins to an hour.  Sometimes he'll throw in a good 2 hour nap but that rarely happens.  As I'm sure you know, Lars has never been a good napper and still isn't but oh well...what can you do? He's been struggling a bit with the time change.  He's tired and ready for bed at 7 but he's very aware that it's still light out and sometimes it's a big distraction.  I still rock Lars, not always to sleep but I will continue to rock him until he doesn't want to be rocked anymore!!! It's my absolute most favorite thing to do ....ever! He does like to just hang out in crib at times and fall asleep on his own. Both Bob and Ann have more luck with this technique than I do.

Lars is hilarious and cracks us up day in and day out.  We just can't get enough of the sweetest, funniest and cutest little boy in the world!!! 

Tuesday, April 9, 2013


Well, we all survived the You are my Sunshine party madness!! It was so much fun and Lars had a blast. He's one lucky little boy to have so many people that love him so so so so much!!!!  

OH BOY!!! A Clock! So excited!

he adores curious george....as you see :)

OH NO!!!!! Not the Happy Birthday Song!! Make it STOP!

Thursday, April 4, 2013

Happy Birthday my precious boy!

To the little boy who stole our hearts a year ago today, Happy Birthday Lars!!

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