Tuesday, May 28, 2013

A magical hat and a new home

So before I delve into the past few eventful days of moving into our new home in Wimberley, I must share with you the funniest video I have ever seen.  Lars found these plastic containers that plants come in all over our new front porch.  He began putting them on as hats and then we realized that the hat must have magical powers because every time he puts it on he bust out a dance! see for yourself. it's outrageous!

Did you need tissues to wipe away your tears from laughing so hard? He's a character!!

Well we are finally all moved in to our new little home in the country and so far it's been super fun.  There were several moments that were a bit stressful and frustrating because things haven't worked out quite as planned on the paperwork side, but the house is great and we are working on making it our home. It's a bit overwhelming to unpack everything and put it away (especially the kitchen) knowing that in a few weeks I'm going to have to pack it all back up for demolition, but what's a girl to do?  If I focus on living in the moment it  doesn't seem to be as looming.

Bob, I'm pretty sure is having the time of his life and is in his element more than ever.  Lars is so excited to have room to play outside and is constantly dirty....just the way he prefers to be.

I think this is going to be a good thing :)

a little nakey reading. it's a common occurrence in our home

beautiful boy

helping pack 

playing at the park


i think i'm going to find them here quite often :) 

the magical hat :) 

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

a trip to philly

Well we all conquered our first flight with Lars! We flew to Philadelphia for Bob's sister Katie's wedding on Friday May 10 and got back on Wednesday.  We booked the only direct flight in and out of Austin to Philly because we absolutely wanted to avoid any layovers with an 'active' 1 year old. Lars actually did really well on both flights. We bought an extra seat on the plan and put him in his car seat.  I think this saved us! If he would have been sitting on our laps he would not have been sitting....he would have been squirming, screaming, and trying to get down.  On both flights he got a little cranky about 45 mins before landing and so I took him out on both flights and sure enough he fell asleep about 20 mins before arriving both times.. Go figure. The kid had 3 hours to fall asleep and he chooses the last 20 mins. Silly boy!
fast asleep. poor baby, we had to wake him up both times to get off the plane

The rest of the trip went pretty smoothly for the most part.  The first 2 days were a bit of an adjustment and Lars was basically not taking any naps during the day but surprisingly wasn't that terrible come 3 pm, must have been all the new surroundings.  He was funny and precious and so sweet just like always.  We defiantly had some sleeping issues but that was to be expected from a kid that didn't sleep the first 8.5 months of his life and still to this day likes to be in a dark quite room to fall asleep. Overall, we are super proud of him and it went much much better than I had expected! I have no plans of doing it again anytime soon because even as good as he was traveling with a 1 year old is just flat out stressful and exhausting.  WAY TO GO LARSY PANTS!!!

On Monday all of us including bob's family headed down to Ocean City, NJ where Bob's dad has a shore house.  We spent the night and Lars had a blast.  This was his first time at the beach!! It was pretty chilly so as you will see we weren't in beach attire but he was still amazed by the scenery.

could he get any cuter??? i know you think it's not possible but I swear he gets a little cuter  everyday. 

first time on a trampoline. we may have to get one :) 

my handsome guys! all ready for the wedding. that tie (on lars)  lasted about 3.6 seconds

my favorites!

'hmmm...what is this wonderful stuff' 

sand kisses

like a little sea turtle he just wanted in the water!

my love


he was a little unsure about this one and so was i. 

Fortune teller

bird watching

frozen custard. a 'down the shore' tradition

this is lars' cousin kaeden who insisted he get into the freezing water in  his underwear.  pretty awesome!!!  Lars is freaking out in this picture because he wanted to get in. 

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Lars-a-pan, Mars-a-pan

first time with chocolate
Well just when we thought things were so perfectly perfect with sleep and a schedule...BOOM....shit hits the fan! I guess Lars is working on moving to one nap a day but oh my goodness the road to get there is a lil bit crazy y'all! Before all this mumbo jumbo happened Lars was on a pretty predictable schedule as far as eating and sleeping.  I'm not one for rigid schedules but it just worked for Lars.....he needed it.  Since about 8.5 months old he's been on this same schedule and I'll admit it's pretty awesome to know when he's going to want to sleep and eat.  But that just all went out the door and down the street and to another country because it does not exists in our house anymore.

Lars is wanting to only take 1 nap a day but he still NEEDS 2! Talk about an uphill battle.  By 9AM the boy can barely keep his eyes open so we'll try to keep him up till 930 or 10 and then we just have to put him down.  He will wake up at 1030 or 11 and then basically that's it. The boy does not want to take another nap so by 4 pm things can start to get a little yuck. The goal (if he's only going to take 1 nap) is to get him napping around 1230 pm and for him to take a good 2 hour nap.  This has only happened once in the past month. And it happened because i kept him up and took him to the park, strolling to get sno cones and then when we got home he crashed for 3.5 hours.

Some days he's actually ok with a 1.5 hour nap in the late morning other days it's pretty disastrous but he's still really cute and funny so whatever. We'll keep him.  :)

We're just going with the flow....what else can we do??

To keep you up to speed with Lars' life here's a quick run down:

He could totally walk if he wanted to but he prefers to be carried and I don't blame him
He still loves to eat.  He had some chocolate for the first time the other and I think he heard angels sing
He tries to give the cats open mouth kisses and then gets mad because their whiskers poke his face yet he keeps trying to do it. it's adorable!
He blows kisses. Melt. Your. Heart.
He likes to feed his stuffed Elmo his bottle and makes pretend sucking noises. WHAT?? SERIOUSLY!!! It's outrageous!
He prefers dancing over sitting or crawling.
He knows where his nose, eyes, belly button, feet, legs, penis and head are.  We are working on hands and fingers :)
He likes to sing the hammer hammer song from Elmo.
He loves dinosaurs and calls them denos
He loves to sit in our cars and 'drive' them. he goes vrooooom vrooooom
and finally he LOVES dirt. Dirt makes him happy.

famous lars hair!!

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