Tuesday, June 25, 2013

This old house

There are many a times I wonder what crazy shit I was smoking when I agreed to pass on building a brand new home in exchange for buying a 20 year old one that needed some pretty major work.   I had reservations about it from day one but that’s just what I do…I put myself in situations that I’m uncomfortable with just to prove to myself I can conquer it.  It happens ALL.THE.TIME. in my sweet life. I've always done it and I’m sure I always will. I don’t know why. If you were to ask me, ‘do you want to be put in a situation that is uncomfortable and could cause some anxiety?’ I would tell you hell no, I want to be in a situation that I’m comfortable in and that causes me no stress.  But yet, it happens.  I remember being terrified about moving across the country to California and moving in with Bob. TERRIFIED! I was probably even more terrified about natural childbirth but yet I signed up for the birth center like it was cake even though I was scared shitless.  Hell, I remember being scared and wondering what I was doing when I ran for class president in high school! These and so many more just sum it up so well! It’s just what I do and I should know that by now.

The house, in all of its chaos, has brought to my attention something that I probably wouldn't have realized had we bought land and build a new home.  (don’t get me wrong….building a new home is still in our future and sounds amazing) But I have come to realize that our first instincts about our home weren't wrong! They were so right! Before we even stepped foot in the house I think we both knew that our plans were about to change drastically.  What was it about this old home that was just luring us in like suckers??  I don’t know if we knew right away but we put in an offer the very next day…..reservations and all! Bob probably a little less worried than me, but you have to understand Bobs living expectations are WELL below mine and probably most normal humans.  He thinks I’m nuts for making him hang smoke and carbon monoxide detectors. Silly Bob!

This house has made me realize that my desire to see Lars and Bob in an environment that I knew would suit both of them so well,  to be able to go  hiking on our own property, to be able to walk outside and be able to walk for a long long long time before running into ANYTHING, for Lars to be able to pick his favorite tree  out of 100’s of trees, for Lars to be able to go to GREAT schools and have the opportunity to thrive in any subject or art that he desires, …all of these things were instinctually more important than that brand new home.  Now, this doesn't change that fact that at times I really do think I was crazy for making this decision but that instantly changes when I step outside with the boys or I drive up from work and Lars and Bob are hanging out on the front porch like best bros, or Bob and I go outside after Lars is asleep and it’s eerily quiet and the stars seem like they are in the millions.  This damn house won me over even though I curse its name several times a day.  It is truly the perfect love/hate relationship.  I adore it sometimes and well, I hate it other times.  But like all situations I put myself in, I’m sure I’ll …what’s the saying….grab the bull by its horns??? …actually I’m not really a bull type of girl so more like I’m going to show this house who’s bitch…I mean boss J

I of course had to include some pictures of the boy that makes my world go round.  We've been having so much fun lately!


the aftermath....it turned into more like body painting

just washing his car....gotta keep it clean

one of the many attempts at a picture of us

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

a little late, but what's a girl to do?

this post is shockingly NOT about Lars. I know..I know, relax! It's ok.  I will post some pics of him because I can't resist. This post is about the other guy in my life...my main squeeze, my better half, my queso to my chips, my balance.....it's Bob in case you didn't catch my drift.:)

I knew there was something wonderful and special about Bob from the first time I met him and after falling in love with him I didn't think it was at all possible to love him anymore than I already did because I loved him A LOT! But fast forward to today and I still love and adore him but there's this whole new level of love I have for him and it's because he's the most wonderful father to Lars I could ever imagine. Being a mother, there's a special bond you have with your child, a bond that no one else can have and cannot be compared to any other bond in life and when someone loves your child with every thing they are, it puts your love for that person in a whole new perspective. I still love Bob the same way I loved him 10 years ago; that silly overwhelming love but in addition I have this new love for him because of the father he is.  He's protective yet laid back, he's gentle and caring, he's compassionate and sweet.  All these things I already knew of Bob, but to see these characteristics applied to fatherhood makes my heart swell. He's Lars' favorite playmate.  Lars may be a momma's boy but I guarantee he'd pick Bob to play with any day.  In the beginning Bob was so cautious and hesitant (in a very sweet way) so to see him become this wonderful and dedicated father has been one of the greatest experiences of my life.

I'm sure one day Lars will realize how lucky he is to have such an amazing father.  Granted, it will probably come after the stage of hating him and thinking he's awful and terribly embarrassing.

I love you Bob and I know Lars loves you so much! Happy super late Father's Day to the greatest father I know!!!

my most favorite picture of all time

Thursday, June 13, 2013

Yes, I’ll have my bottle…wait, NO! I don’t want my bottle…well maybe I want it

The sweet sweet lure of the bottle that use to have so much pull and bring so much joy has been losing its luster lately.  We just never know if he’s going to wake up in a bottle mood or not.  It all happened over night really. He woke up one morning and was very upset about his bottle.  I warmed it, put it in a sippy cup, added some vanilla rice milk to it and NOPE…NOT. GONNA. HAPPEN.  I was honestly very confused.  This boy has always loved his bottle! ALWAYS! From the first time we put one in his mouth its been love ever since. I thought well maybe he’s finally getting use to his sippy cup, but no.  I thought well maybe he wants it warmed up, but no.  I’m not sure why it took so long for me to just figure out that he just didn’t want the damn thing. He didn’t want it for several days.  I was concerned about him getting dehydrated so we were pushing water with a little green juice in it in his sippy cup and for the most part he was fine with it. He generally won’t refuse water in a sippy cup even if it means he takes a few sips to make you think he’s going to drink it and then starts playing with it.  He will take a sip and then just let all the water in his mouth pour out all over him. He thinks it’s pretty funny.  It is.  So I came to the conclusion that it was the milk that he was not happy with.  I thought, well this is the end of the milk….sucks because I just bought 10 boxes of rice milk. Well, wouldn’t you know that the day I was planning on packing up all the bottles, bottle cleaners, bottle brushes, nipples, sterilizer…etc. He decided that maybe it wasn’t that bad after all.  Little stinker.  We are now back to milk in his bottle. Imagine that. He has cut down significantly on his milk consumption.  He’s slowly been doing that.  He now gets probably 10-12 ounces a day; about 3 or 4 in the morning and 3 or 4 at night and then a bit here and there throughout the day.  I’m certain this is because he’d much rather eat food food than have his bottle.  I’m pretty sure the boy could eat his weight in food if we let him.  LARS.LOVES.TO.EAT!!!!!!  Knock on wood…I hope it continues.

Thought you may be interested in what Lars' food menu looks like.  It varies from day to day but this is a good example

Blackberries, strawberries and greek yogurt
Oatmeal or cereal
Mid morning snack
Banana and avocado
Cheese bunnies or shredded cheese (his favorite is feta)
Watermelon and pineapple
Mid afternoon snack
Dry cereal or pirates booty
Spinach pizza

Graham bunnies

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Lars in the country

Lars is having an absolute ball being out in the country! He's outside all.the.time. and well he's naked all.the.time! He was naked a lot before but even more now!! I know there's going to come a time where I have to tell Lars he can't be hanging out naked all the time but that time is NOT now. The boy just LOVES to be naked. He loves to hang out naked on the front porch or play in his pool or swing.  And he can, so we let him. Less diapers and less clothes I have to wash. AMEN!

I should also mention that Bob is also having a ball out in the country.  He's naked a little less that Lars ;) but you never know!!

We are settling in nicely...somewhat. Not too settled because we still have to paint, pull up floors gut the kitchen and the list goes on and on, but it's starting to feel like home and that's a good thing.

the hair. the hair. gotta love it

yay! dirt!

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