Tuesday, July 30, 2013

big boy

I realize everyday that my baby boy is no longer a baby. I feel like it happened all of a sudden. He's a big boy now and he makes sure we are aware of that daily....and at times it can be pretty funny and other times it can be challenging because we are now having to discipline him and disciplining an adorable 16 month old is really hard A) because he's insanely adorable and when you scold him he goes "muuuuah" and gives you kisses (seriously how can you be mad at that) B) how the hell do you discipline a 16 month old?  So with those 2 things combined we do the best we can.  I originally thought I would be the disciplinarian and maybe I'm still going to take on that role but honestly it's way harder than I thought.  He's just so cute and I'm so wrapped around his pudgy little fingers that I just want to kiss and love on him....and I do.  I mix in a little discipline and I certainly don't want him to be a spoiled brat (i don't think we have to be concerned about that) but it's been tougher than I imagined.

On a side note, Bob and I celebrated our third wedding anniversary and our...ummm...hmmm...11th year of being together so YAY us! We of course celebrated by hanging out with the coolest kid around and eating brownies and drinking beer.  *don't worry lars only smells the beer :) he's in a stage of smelling everything and it's amazingly ridiculous.

cupcake friday! 

having fun

anniversary surprise :) 

mini photo shoot

singing baa baa black sheep

just a typical afternoon

family photo

this is how lars eats watermelon....he doesn't mess around

best buds

Monday, July 22, 2013

Larsy Loo

Lars has been such a character lately...more than usual. His personality is really coming out and he's talking so much more and really turning into quite the little toddler.  For instance I was talking to Bob about the kitchen cabinets (because that is literally all we've been talking about for months now) and Lars was playing on the floor and I said something like, "woo-wee that's gonna be a lot of work"  and Lars literally started hysterically cracking up and walking around going WOOOOO-WEEEEEE.  He couldn't control himself he was laughing so hard. He kept having to catch his breath.  So then we started laughing at him and everyone was exhausted afterwards.

 He's just really starting to pick up on things and have little 'toddler' conversations with us.  It's so wonderful!  I always think and I'm sure say that whatever stage we are in is the most fun, this stage is definitely up there with the best! It's just so great to see him interacting and doing the things that we do.  He's more independent, he's more confident, and believe it or not he's funnier than ever.

He LOVES to help, not matter what you're doing! He likes to help sweep, like to help put cabinets together, like to help you at the computer, likes to help you open the door.  He likes to go 'exploring' and searching for dinosaurs (lizards).  He likes to put us and his stuffed animals to sleep.  He lays us down on a pillow, throws a blanket on us, pats us and then pretend snores.  It's really funny! He loves play outside and find bugs, he loves to dance!!! he loves you to hold him and spin him around until you're about to throw up. he loves to eat! he loves to play with boxes, he loves to be tickled, he loves animals, he loves to drink the nasty bath water,he loves to see himself on the phone, he likes to eat crayons and dirty, he loves to mimic us.

He DISLIKES shoes!!! he's not a big fan of teethers, he doesn't really like the swimming pool (as weird as that sounds), he's sadly losing interest in being rocked, he hates his diaper being changed, he doesn't like pears, he doesn't like to sit on our shoulders, he not the least bit interested in any of the disney movies we've gotten for him (he prefers elmo and some weird mother goose show), he doesn't like putting his jammies on, he doesn't really like chocolate all that much

We have just recently packed up all the bottles! It was a very slow and gradual change and I wasn't really pushing it. It didn't matter to me if he wanted to continue to use his bottle or not but over the past few months he's preferred these (expensive as shit) trainer sippy cup  http://www.target.com/p/nuk-learner-cup-5oz-1pk-blue-dots/-/A-13354901#prodSlot=medium_1_3  seriously 7 bucks or MORE....come on now! but he loves them and I'm a sucker so I bought several of them to replace the bottles and all is well with the world.

Lars still gets a pacifier when he goes to bed.  He's never gotten it during the day but he would get in while in the car.  We have just recently also stopped that and so far so good.  He would always just throw them anyway when in the car so I don't think it's that big of a deal.  I've been going back and fourth about getting rid of it for sleep time but honestly I'm just not up for the challenge yet.  I know it's going to be a struggle and we've just got so much going on and he's got 2 molars coming that I'm like, whatever keep your paci...it makes him happy and helps him sleep.  Two things that seem to have positive effects on everyone involved :)  I've just learned to pick my battles and that's not one I want to fight right now.

He's just grown up so much in the past few months and as much as I miss that baby world seeing him walk and talk and play and really be involved with things is such a joy! He's our best friend and our comic relief.  Without him I don't know if we would be functioning.

Wednesday, July 17, 2013


Lars is teething...again. He's working on his first molars and whewwww....it's been rough.  He's gone from sleeping like a champ to waking up several times a week and being awake for what seems like forever.  Last night he was up from about 11-3!!! and was up at 645 this morning.  So needless to say I would like those teeth to come in pronto so my precious little boy will feel better and be back to his old sleeping self :)
The nights are of course the worst because there are no distractions and I'm sure it's frustrating to try and sleep with a throbbing pain in your gums but we try to keep the days fun and exciting and for the most part he all about that!

The molars are way worse than the front teeth!!! When Lars was cutting his front teeth I remember him having a few bad nights but his days were usually pretty good.  With the molars, a lot of times he feels just has crappy during the day as he does at night and really the only thing that seems to help is motrin.  I hate, hate hate pumping him full of that stuff...it really wears on my psyche but I can't stand to see him miserable.  He's never really been into teethers and it's the same this go round.  He'll use it for a few minutes and then it's history so I stopped spending money on them! COME ON MOLARS...HURRY UP!!!

how precious is this? there were just chatting

best buds

my love boat


look at THAT face!!!! eat it up!!


Wednesday, July 10, 2013


That’s really the only logical title for this post because we had so much fun over the July 4th holiday. Robert and Jennifer and the kiddos and mom came to visit and we went non-stop for 5 days. Even when we weren't going non-stop….we were going non-stop :)  I don’t think Lars has ever had so much fun and excitement squeezed into 5 days in his entire adorable little life. He started walking the day before they arrived and so did Margo (Lars’ cousin who was born only 3 weeks before him) so it was so great to see them stumbling around like little drunk….well….babies, little drunk babies!! It took a day or so for Lars to warm up too all this chaos in his house but once he did he was all about it! For the first time ever, I saw it….I saw that I have a boy through and through. 100% rough and tough, dirty BOY! I always knew he liked to be naked and dirty but to see him play with the kiddos honestly reminded me of the torture I endured as a kid with my brother.  Robert (my brother) would tell me something was going to be really fun and then he would perform wrestling moves on me.  He also use to tell me to get in the clothes hamper because we were going to play and then he would launch me down this long ass hall we had and slam into the wall. If we ever have a little girl….I’m certain this will be our future. Lars would walk up to Margo or Maryanne and go in for a kiss (which is adorable) but then just body slam them. Poor Margo…she’s such a trooper.  We finally suggested Maddox, whose 5 play with Lars because he was getting a little rough with the girls.  He and Maddox were hysterical! They had such a ball and I’m pretty sure Lars has been watching wrestling shows because he looked like he was a mini pro wrestler.  

Lars tackling Margo.  Don't worry...no one was hurt!! Margo's a tough cookie!

 When the kids weren’t running around chasing each other we went swimming, to a parade, to a watering hole, the older kids went on a train ride, went on a picnic, went shopping in downtown Wimberley, finger painted.  Robert and Jennifer and Bob and I even got to go to a winery and dinner while mom and auntie ann kept the crazies.

It was really all so wonderful.  I realized just how much I wish we were closer to ALL of Lars’ cousins!! He had the best time.  I sometimes worry that because Lars stays home and he doesn’t have a whole lot of interaction with other kids that he’s missing out but honestly every time he’s around kids he jumps in head first (literally sometimes) and has no problems playing or socializing. Must have his momma’s personality JHe’s sort of a social butterfly. I think he’ll be just fine. 

too much cuteness!!!!

bob and i stayed with the babies while everyone else went on the train ride.  the whole day i kept trying to get a picture with both of them....SUCCESS!!! 

so funny!!!!

girls photo shoot while lars napped

lars and maryanne playing the drum 
us girls had a 'girls night' while the boys camped outside. maryanne graciously gave us mani/pedis

look how beautiful!

this was very serious, y'all. 

nana and her precious babies!

our night out.  i don't know what's wrong with bob's face.....whats a girl to do? 

sweet maddox!!!!! human pillow

precious cousin love

sweet margo. teaching her good manners!

brother and sister and kiddos

Tuesday, July 2, 2013


Lars is about to have some serious fun! Robert and Jennifer and the kiddos are coming to visit! I can't wait to see Lars and Margo play together.  This will be his first bath buddy too!! I'm sure there will be tons of pictures that I will be sharing so be on the look out.

Hope you all have a fabulous 4th of July.  I will leave you with some incredibly cute pictures :)

the famous face :) 


we finally went swimming....he LOVED it!

my morning cuddle partner.  he looks so old in this picture 

normal naked sunday

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