Monday, September 30, 2013


Well as you can see from the date of the last post, things have been a bit busy around here.  I usually try to post 1/week...but sometimes it just doesn't happen.

We've been super  busy working on the house.  It's coming along nicely.  I will post pictures of the almost finished kitchen soon.  We're sooooooooo close!! Lars' room is the next project.  We finished painting his room this weekend so now comes the fun part....decorating! I'm trying to make it a little less baby a bit more big boy. I found this great mid century modern dresser on craigslist that I'm in the midst of refinishing and like all other projects...I wonder what I got myself into.  But, we borrowed a sander from Aunt Ann and it's going a lot quicker now. Hoping to have it finished by next weekend and ready to move it into his room.

Lars is still cracking us up every second of the day.  He's been so sweet and lovey lately but at the same time he's starting to push the envelope a little as far as 'getting into trouble'. Bob and I have decided that it's time we need to start watching what we say around him because he repeats everything....EVERYTHING! :) Most of the time it's adorable but I'm just waiting for the time we're in Target and he drops the F bomb or says shit.  It's gonna happen's just a matter of when it happens. The funniest and newest words he says right now are hiney, hummus and please.  We've been working on please for a while and he's getting the hang of it.  It usually follows the word  'up'.  He wants up onto everything so he says 'up peas'.

The weather has been really lovely here the past couple of weekends so we have spent the majority of our time all day and all evening.  Lars about looses it when it's time to go inside for dinner or nap.  Boy loves to be outside.

looking for dinosaurs (lizards) and bebe's (bugs)

he found all my headbands and kept them on while playing outside. 

playing at the park

he just learned how to do this......he does it and says, hi

Monday, September 16, 2013


We took Lars to Galveston for a short little getaway and we had so much fun!! Me, Bob, Lars and Aunt Ann met Robert, Jennifer, Maddox, Maryanne, Margo, Mom and David there. So yea, there were a lot of people but that’s what made it so fun!

The kids were great and Lars loved the beach…not as much as Bob but he loved it JEnjoy the pics

my beach bums
he didn't even give me time to take my shirt and shorts off...he just wanted in the water!!!!!!

aunt ann and larsy-poo

the aquarium. watching the seals. in love

pure amazement! 

cuteness out!!!!

precious margo. just chillin in her beach chair

maddox and maryane building a sand castle. 

oh so lovely! he was so happy

only the best picture ever :) 

oh my's a whole post by itself about how much these two love each other.  lars and his mae mae :) 

lars and his nana

love these two!

the girls watching maddox ride the waves in

Thursday, September 5, 2013

17 months

Well I’m a day late but Happy 17 months to our precious Lars! Wheww…17 months! It’s hard to believe that it’s been that long since our world was turned upside down and right side up all at the same time, since we met the coolest being to ever exist, to fall instantly and deeply in love with a beautiful little boy.  
Lars is without a doubt our comic relief, he’s our glue that holds us all together and he’s the reason we love without hesitation.  He’s silly and sarcastic, determined and independent, thoughtful and caring, daring and adventurous. 

He’s just recently become attached to 2 bears that Bob bought me while we were in our long distance relationship.  They are small little brown bears that I found while we were moving and they are now his lovey.  Lars never really took to a ‘lovey’.  We tried.  We tried blankets and stuffed animals but he was never interested.  Well, he’s found one….or two!!  Bear Bear is what he calls each of them and he sleeps with them, drags them around the house, wants to take them outside to take them swimming Jhe loves them.  Of course he’s become attached to something that wasn't bought for him and was hiding in packed boxes tucked away.  I’m glad we have two in case something were to happen to Bear Bear #1.

Lars’ LOVES LOVES LOVES books.  They are hands down his favorite ‘toys’.  We have books coming out of our ears.  If I’m ever at the store and I want to get him something small just to bring home I will look and look for something inexpensive and small and after 20 minutes I will always find myself picking out a book.  His favorite book right now his one his Mimi gave him called the Splat the Cat.  The book is hysterical.  I’m convinced that someone was smoking the ‘good stuff’ when they wrote it.  I’m going to have to find him another copy because he’s basically destroyed the one we have.  

His favorite foods are …..everything?? can that be an option?  If I had to pick they would be avocados, hummus, cheese, plums and broccoli.   They boy could eat an entire tub of hummus by himself if I let him and he does eat an avocado a day.  I always get comments at the grocery store because I get to the register with a huge plastic bag full of 8-10 avocados.  And at this point I’m working just to support his avocado habit J Those suckers aren’t cheap.  I spent probably 14-20 bucks a week on avocados!

Lars’ molars are finally starting to cut through! Can I get an Amen?!?! I say this excitedly because hopefully this means we’re one step closer to being done with teething!!!! I know there’s still a ways to go but the closer we get to being done the happier we all are! Teething has been rough for Lars and us.  He has a lot more sleepless nights than he used to, he has more fussy days, days where he won’t eat well, days he doesn’t want to drink anything and days where he’s just miserable.  This all makes for one sad momma! Now, it’s not every day that likes this, but it’s too often for our liking.  We are ready to be done with teething!! COME OUT TEETH!!!

Lars loves animals….like a love beyond any other love!  He imitates them all the time, he knows them by name and sound, all the shows we watch are about animals, all the books we read are about them, we talk about them, sing about them, act like them, sometimes eat like them Jand constantly look for them outside.  His favorites right now are zebras (bebas), dinosaurs (dodos) and of course cats (meows meows).  Lars calls everything with two words….bugs are bebes, cats are meows meows, pigs are oinks oinks,  his bear is bear bear.  It’s really quite adorable.

Lars is talking up a storm and should be a baby comedian.  The faces he makes and the imitations he does are outrageous.  He keeps us laughing constantly.

He brings us the purest form of joy, keeps us on our toes, makes us laugh, makes us go awwwwwww, and reminds us everyday what’s most important.  He’s beyond loved…whatever that is.  

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