Monday, August 18, 2014

A spontaneous summer photo shoot

We have officially started the renovations on the mud/laundry room and so far so good.  It seems like it’s going to be a little more ‘out of sight, out of mind’ than the kitchen which is great news!  It also helps that a lot of the work is done while I’m at work, so it’s actually a little exciting to get home and see the progress.  With the kitchen it was the complete opposite.  I dreaded coming home to see the disaster that was the center of our house.

Another renovation means our weekends are pretty dedicated to the task but we always try and do something fun to with Lars even if just for a bit.  It’s been a tad hot over here and by a tad I mean like 102 so time outside is limited and generally happens in the late evening so we pass out from a heat stroke.

This weekend we asked Lars if he’d like to go swimming at the neighbors or to the farmers market at the barn. The farmer’s market won hands down.  This kid is a country boy through and through; more country than I ever was or will be and I’m ok with that.  He had more fun at the Arnosky’s Family Farmers Market than I would have ever imagined.

Hay, check! Wagon, check! Barn, check! Flowers, check! Outside, check! Happy boy, check!  It was too cute.  I apologize for the overload of pictures but it turned into a spontaneous summer photo-shoot.  We had to bribe him with making cookies to get him to leave.  

It was a blast.  Hot, but so much fun!

Getting some play time in before bath time. 

Monday, August 11, 2014

Imagining things

Lars’ imagination has really been running wild lately and I love it. Just within the last few days he has started getting very creative and imaginative while playing.  For example, all weekend he would pretend to take things out of various books and play with them.

 He has this one Curious George Christmas book and he would pretend to pull the presents off the page and arrange them on the floor, then he would hand them out to Bob and I and ask us to open them.  We would open them and ask him what they were.  His main answers were: T-rex, a frog, a whale, a new hat and a bird feeder and one time when I asked him what my present was he said……a baby (wondering if I should be concerned about that) Another of Bob’s gift was a new toilet….seems pretty appropriate if you ask me.

We also spent a good portion of our weekend on a boat….an imaginary boat that is.  Lars asked us to lay out a blanket in the living room.  We all sat in the ‘boat’ and Lars would spot a variety of sea creatures and bring them on board.  It was so cute.  What’s funny is that I remember pretending a mini pool table my brother and I had, was a boat when we were little.

When we’re not on a boat or a train or opening Christmas presents we’ve been slowly gearing up for the next home renovation (insert UGH) which will be the mud/laundry area.   Hoping it won’t be as invasive as the kitchen was because we’ll all be in trouble if it is. 

why do kids love to be dizzy? lars will spin in bob's office chair for as long as i will let him. 

he asked to be a zebra and then he asked to drink out of a trough.....

balance beam in the living room....why not?

apparently he missed the memo that 4th of July already passed. 

there are 2 things i have to say about this picture.  1) where Lars is, Vera is.  2) where there's a camera, there's Vera. 

i'm convinced she poses when I take out my camera

Lars had a bit of rough weekend when it came to napping but finally yesterday he took a nice long nap....i even had to go wake him but I snapped these glorious pictures before doing so. 

this is what happens when either of us go to organize his books.  he somehow knows when one of us is in there organizing. 

our humble little abode 

i made a vegan lemon coconut cake for my aunts birthday.  i'm a sucker for the combo of lemon and coconut.  recipe here.

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