Tuesday, November 18, 2014

The 'Pee' Poem

So Lars is officially potty trained and I'm so proud of him.  We didn't do any crazy 2 day potty training technique...we just waited till he was ready and we've been working on it for a while now. I tried forcing it months ago and found that was NOT the way to go with Lars.  So we have casually been potty training for months now and we are now diaper free during the day.  In the beginning, Lars was sitting down to pee but now that he's 'grown up' as he tells me, he stands.

BUT, you see, I have this other problem.....PEE.  It's everywhere, so I've written a little poem about it because if I don't laugh about it, I may just cry.

I titled it:

There’s pee everywhere.

There’s pee on the seat
There’s pee on the floor
There’s pee on the walls
There’s pee on the door

The pee’s taking over
It shoots straight out
There’s no containing
This toddler spout

Point it down, I say
As he laughs and wiggles
Then the pee darts out
And then it dribbles

Can’t you teach him,
I yell to Bob
I did, he answers
And then I sob

There’s just no hope
For this powerful pee
I understand…
It’s bigger than me

It’s the most powerful stream
Known to man
You gotta let it be
Just let it land

To my son, Lars
Whom I love a lot
Remember this
When you’re at the pot

I’m so happy
You’re potty trained
But the PEEE, my son…
You must contain

I don’t mind
Cleaning a bit
But, seriously guys
I’m over this shit…or pee however you want to look at it.

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Cooking Every.Single.Night. can be challenging....

Some of my greatest memories are of being in the kitchen with my family...especially when everyone was in town for the holidays and drinking lots and lots of wine.  I remember making homemade ice cream and lemon meringue pie with my Maw Maw and shucking corn with my Grandmaw and making pralines with my Mama.   I’ve always loved to cook and still do.  I guess you could say I come from a family of cooks and they always did it with love.

We cook dinner at home every.single.night. Weekdays, weekends, holidays…we cook.  If I had to guess how often we go out to dinner, I would say maybe once every 2-3 months.  You would actually be more likely to find us grabbing lunch on the weekend after a trip to the zoo or wildflower center.
Going to dinner for us takes more planning than it used to when we lived closer to everything.  We don’t live close to anything really and certainly not close to any restaurants worth the time and effort it takes for to go.  Going to dinner (to a place we like) is a minimum 2 hour ordeal which on a week night makes absolutely no sense.  On the weekends we are generally out and about all day and come dinner time we’re all ready to be home.  So we cook….A LOT!

Lars spends a lot of time sitting at the kitchen island while we cook and although there are definitely nights where not cooking seems glorious,  I would miss the family time and rapid fire questions from Lars.  Like, why is the butternut squash so big, how does it grow, why is it shaped like that, can he eat the seeds, can he play with the knife, can he eat the skin, how long will it take to cook, is it just a funny shaped pumpkin, why is it so hard to cut, why is it orange, are all butternut squash orange, how am I going to cook it…..usually by this point he’s eaten a seed, found a knife, eaten the skin and drawn on the squash with a sharpie.

Cooking every night can be challenging.  Sometimes I find myself stuck in a food rut making the same things over and over again because they are easy and I know exactly how to make them and exactly what I need.  I try to meal plan for the week and find new and easy recipes.  I also try to find things that both Bob and I can make.  Bob’s a great cook, but following some new curried coconut sweet potato soup recipe is not really is forte, so I always try to have a few Bob friendly meals so I don’t feel so overwhelmed.

There is without a doubt nights where we are thankful for peanut butter and honey sandwiches or cheese and spinach quesadillas and chips and salsa because some nights cooking just seems daunting for everyone involved.

Thought I would share a few recipes that I’ve been making lately.  Even though it just recently dropped below 90 here, I’ve been making soups and buying lovely fall vegetables for a while now….as you will see.

Spicy Vegan Peanut Noodles (we makes these into lettuce wraps)

I should also mention that Bob makes pizza once a week and they are always interesting and delicious! 

Here's a glimpse into this past weekend that we spent not leaving our house one time and staying outside until it got dark. 

Once we did come inside and my human baby was sound asleep by cat baby got cozy....

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