Friday, December 19, 2014

Happy Everything

Because my last post was close to 10 million years ago, I wanted to post a few bits and pieces of what's been happening.  We've been busy...just like everyone else.  The holidays are always fun but always busy.

This beautiful scene happens almost every morning of my drive into Austin and it never fails that I have to stop and take a picture, even though I have 50. 

We celebrated Bob's birthday in November and per his request I made a chocolate peanut butter cake and wellllll.....I'm sure you can imagine that while it was not the least bit healthy, it was delicious!

Caught in the act

 We found the perfect tree! 

Summer, is that you?  Oh no, it's just a batch of citrus water because it felt like summer the first week of December. 

Bob's contribution to the Thanksgiving meal. 

and my contribution.  A chocolate pecan pie.  WHAT?! 

I made homeade black bean sliders.  I've attempted to make several homeade veggie burgers and have never found one that I really like...until now! It's the easiest and quickest recipe and the best. 

Does this come naturally?? I feel like he had an innate desire to ask me for the paper while he was pooping. 

Looking for the perfect one! 

We made NINJA bread cookies. 

Nana brough Lars a tree for his room and mini decorations. 

Lars has taken up a new painting medium...his feet. 

Hope everyone has a lovely lovely holiday season.  

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