Thursday, April 9, 2015

The Ipad has left the building

It’s been a couple of months now since our Ipad went to the Ipad doctor and we found out that it would not be coming back home.  Well, that’s what we told Lars at least. 

Oh the power of the Ipad…

In the past Lars had limited time on it.  I’d set a timer and tell him that when the timer went off so did the Ipad.  I’ll be the first to admit that at times it was a true convenience.   I could set the timer for 15 or 20 minutes and get done what would normally take me millions of hours.  I could prep dinner, put some laundry on, pick up, change sheets and maybe even clean a toilet or 2.  (I never knew how quickly I could get house chores done until I became a mother and until I compared myself to my wonderful and loving yet not so swift husband).  Twenty minutes of free time was golden and having it a couple times a day….hell, I’d have the whole house clean.  But, Bob and I both saw what was happening…the Ipad was becoming way to powerful for our liking. 

The timer was no longer working.  It didn’t matter if the timer went off because when I would walk over to turn the Ipad off and put it away all hell would break loose.  Lars began asking for it constantly and expecting it if I was doing chores or showering.  We tried lessening time on it but it wasn’t really making a difference.  We still got the same reaction when we would take it away. 

So one morning while leaving for work I made sure Lars saw me with the Ipad and I told him that it had broken and I was taking it to the Ipad doctor.  Days went by of him asking and asking and I would tell him that it wasn’t fixed just yet.  After a couple of weeks the asking subsided and I broke the news to him that the Ipad wasn’t able to be fixed.  I expected terror but instead he was just curious about what had happened to it.

Fast forward 2 months later and I can’t remember the last time Lars asked about the Ipad.  I think the last I heard of it was when he was telling someone that it went to the Ipad doctor and wasn’t coming back.

Honestly, I’m so happy we decided to nip that in the bud.  It just wasn’t worth it.  It wasn’t worth the battle or the tears or the frustration.  None of it was worth it. We live on 5 acres.  We have plenty of ‘stuff’ to do and Lars’ imagination is his main entertainment so it just didn’t make sense to have the Ipad and all the trouble that came with it in our lives.  We also erased all games and any kid apps from our phones because it was just too tempting. 

I don’t really think Lars misses the Ipad, although I’m sure if he was somewhere and there was an Ipad he would light up and cut someone just to use it, but I’m not out to shut him off from technology completely, I just want him to really enjoy and be present during this whimsical time of life.  And 20 minutes here and there on the Ipad are 20 minutes here and there that he could be playing outside, making a trashcan a cave or drawing and those are the things that are so precious.   

Tuesday, April 7, 2015

he is three

Well ladies and gents, I now know that I absolutely cannot stop time. I tried really really really hard but at 5:52 AM on Saturday, April 4 Lars turned 3. I unexpectedly woke up around 5:47, rolled over, looked at the clock and then laid there and at 5:52 I looked at the monitor and secretly wished my precious sleeping boy the most wonderful of birthdays and thanked him for being born. *Side note...from about 3 months pregnant on I would wake up between 5:47 AM and 5:55 AM almost every single morning. Some mornings, I'd go back to sleep and others I'd toss and turn but deep down I knew that my baby was going to be born in the wee hours of the morning.

We had a super fun day with family and friends.  We cooked and baked and dyed easter eggs and a certain someone stayed up playing outside waaaaaayyyyy past his bed time and finally conked out around 11 PM.  He got some pretty great gifts. Lincoln Logs, some wooden toy food, a very adorable giraffe who he named Gina, a squirrel and acorn board game, lots and lots of sidewalk chalk, a basketball goal with a BOX...y'all it came in a box, the BEST box evvvverrrrr!!! I think he even forgot that he got a basketball goal. The crown and glory of the birthday gifts was a wooden barn with barn animals.  The boy loves him a good barn. He loves it and we love him.  He's a lucky little boy to have so many people that love him and came to spend the day with him.

Lars only had one request for his birthday.....a strawberry farm cake.  Lo and behold a strawberry farm cake:


I spy little Lars feet...

his barn....with a dolphin in it.  

Birthday Mud.  That's a thing, right? 

We love you, Lars!

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