Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Terrible Two's? HA! They got nothing on Three's.

I'm not even going to address the time gap that has occurred between this post and my last one.  I'm sure you all understand when my excuse is simply...life.

You know how they call it the terrible two’s?  Well I have something to call the three’s.  The Whiny Threes.  Holy Cow!  I used to brag that Lars wasn’t a whiner but again parenting has made me eat my words and a liar out of me.  I’m certain that on the day he turned 3 he flipped his whining switch to high gear.
Lars is so emotional lately and sometimes I feel I can relate.  When he’s having a moment (they are very often) it seems to be similar to when I have PMS….hear me out.  I’m going to describe something for you and you try to determine if I’m talking about a toddler or PMS:

On edge about everything,  irritated by the slightest thing, whine and cry if someone breathes the wrong way,  can’t make decisions like finding something to wear or deciding on what to eat, being moody… happy one minute and 5 seconds later  gouging someone’s eye’s out.

Can’t tell, right? Well that’s because they are the same exact thing! Three year old melt downs and PMS are the same exact thing.  I’m certain I will be published for discovering this unwavering correlation.

But in all seriousness, this is what it’s like a lot of the time.  For me it’s a few days out of the month for Lars it’s a few times a day.  Sometimes we’ll just be driving in the car and he’ll get so emotional and start whining and I’ll say, “Bubba, are you sad?” and he’ll muster up the strength to say, “yeah, I’m upset” and I’ll say, “ well, why are you so upset” and he’ll (through his tears) say, “I don’t know, mama”  and I think to myself PMS.  I get it dude...let's get some chocolate. That always helps me. 

While there are times that I pat myself of the back for being patient and handling a meltdown like I envision myself to there are equal amount of times that I raise my voice or become impatient and lose my cool and think to myself, Wow! Ash you handled that like another 3 year old. Kudos!

It’s tough.  At times I feel like I have no clue what I’m doing and it’s then that I try to step back and do whatever I’m going to do out of love because in the end, I love him no matter what. I love him so much it makes me crazy.

Even though turning 3 has brought with it some less desirable traits it has also brought with it some of the funniest moments of our lives.  If we’re not dealing with whining and attitude adjustments then we’re laughing our butts off because this kid is outrageously hysterical. 


first carnival experience.  he was pretty into it

taking care of the plants while daddy was away for work. 

picking out plants at the big blue barn.  that outfit. those glasses. 

happens. every. time.  who needs paper anyway

boy loves coconut. coconut anything! 

helping me grocery shop

 little cat holding jake the snake!!

a family that wears hats......

spending lots of time in the pool trying to help him get over his fear of swimming. we're getting there. 

and if you don't already know, we got chickens! they still have a few more weeks before they start laying eggs but they're pretty cute except for their raptor feet. 

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