Friday, August 7, 2015

Remember These Things, Lars

You're three now and growing up so quickly but please Never Forget:

The days we lay in the hammock and sing songs
To say please and thank you
To be sweet
To be kind
To put the toilet seat down
That you are my star…the reason I breathe…the other part of my heart
The day you laid your hand on my chest and asked if my heart was full of love
To have fun
To play
To hold my hand
To be healthy
To belly laugh
That I may not know the answer to “how much does a finger bone weigh, mama?” but I’ll try my best
That when I lose my cool I don’t love you any less
That on the day you were born a mother was born too…we’re in this together
That you have the best father in the world
That you don't have to repeat EVERYTHING you hear 
To always march to your own beat
To be grateful even when it's hard
Just how much you love to sing...everything's a song
That cats don't necessarily like the bathtub 
To be a good friend
That I love you, very much.  Sometimes it hurts because I love you so much. 

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