Thursday, November 12, 2015

Fall Food, Fun and Surprises

Why has it become so cliché to love fall?  I think it all has to do with UGGS and Pumpkin Spice Lattes…together they've ruined it for all of us.   Although it’s just starting to be in the 60’s here during the day,  we’ve been FALL’in out for a good while now. 

I love making soups and hearty dinners now that the evenings are cooler, I love warm weather clothes…they’re my favorite. I love to layer! I do love pumpkin treats just not the infamous PSL.  We’ve made pumpkin bread, pumpkin chocolate chip cookies and of course pumpkin pancakes.  I love starting a good bonfire which automatically (according to Lars) means s’ there such a thing as pumpkin s'mores?

Also, when the weather got cooler our chickens finally laid their first egg! So very exciting.  We’ve had these ladies for 7 months and they’ve gotten so big and Lars has been sort of patiently waiting for the much anticipated egg.  

November is always exciting around here.  It's Bob's birthday month, my birthday month and Thanksgiving which mean Nana comes to visit! And then before we know it it's Christmas. So there's always a lot of festivity happening.  If we're not celebrating a birthday we're gearing up for Thanksgiving and then getting ready for Christmas.  It's always fun! 

Here are some of the fabulous fall recipes I've been making
Butternut Squash and Sage Soup (recipe here) I added a little heavy cream and it was super yummy. 
Spaghetti and 'meat'balls (recipe here) This is Lars' favorite meal. He asks almost every day. 

We visited Sweet Berry Farm's pumpkin patch which never ever disappoints.  It's just so much fun! They have so much to do. 

We have gotten SO. MUCH. RAIN. lately.  I know we need it but the way it works in Texas is that it doesn't rain for 10 months then it pours and floods for 2 weeks straight.  Our poor dirt road has been washed out a few times in the passed few months and we were actually 'trapped' in for a while because the creek behind our property overflowed and broke through the small dam and completely flooded our road.  It looked like a river.  Lars has been washed off with a hose more times in a month than in his entire life.  He must find peace in getting muddy.

And for Halloween, Lars asked me in August if he could be a BOOberry (a scary blueberry).  I said, 'yes, of course' then passed the idea off to my super creative seamstress Aunt Ann and this is this end result.  Y'all, this kid makes me lose my mind.  He's amazing.

Lars and his bff Avi trick or treating. 

Lars and his beloved baby changes from being a boy/girl daily but the name is always Freddy.   He's got baby fever...luckily it'll be cured next spring!

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