Thursday, February 25, 2016

Bump Pictures (courtesy of Lars)

I didn’t think I was going to be taking any kind of maternity pictures aside from the bathroom mirror ones I send my family.  I didn’t take them with Lars and to be honest didn’t really regret it at all.  I never looked back and wished I had taken them.  I mean I had pictures of me pregnant with Lars but no fancy ones.

I don’t enjoy being pregnant.  I've realized that more than ever this time around.  With Lars my uncomfortable-ness and awkwardness was a bit over shadowed by the excitement of it being my first but I remember feeling completely out of my skin and huge and awkward.  I’m definitely not one of those glowing women that adores being pregnant and look fabulous all the time.  I’m more of the waddler you see waddling into the grocery store in a stretchy maxi skirt and you think to yourself, awwww poor thing. Being pregnant turns me into a big whiner and complainer.  I’m just not great at being pregnant. 

I’ll never forget hearing my lovely sister in law (mom of 3) telling me that she wished there was a pill she could take that would make her feel pregnant  and I thought to myself…is she smoking crack?  She wasn’t…she doesn’t smoke anything.  She was dead serious and I literally couldn’t comprehend what was happening. A pill to make you feel pregnant???? OH GOD..NO NO NO!!!!! Don’t ever invent that pill!

That being said, I do think pregnancy is a beautiful thing.  I just don’t feel all that beautiful doing it.  I think the fact that women’s bodies can make a human, birth it, nourish it, carry it and nurture it for years and years is amazing. And I will do my best to smile and waddle happily because I would do anything for my babies.

Oh yeah…maternity pictures.  I obviously digressed a bit.  This is my last pregnancy.  We’re done.  The candy shop is closed for business after this one.  We’re going to be a beautiful family of 4 or if you’re Lars and you count the cats and chickens, fish and hermit crabs a beautiful family of 17.  So, I thought I should document this ‘glorious’ time before I get so uncomfortable that I can’t walk from one side of the property to the other. 

I fancied myself up and told Bob and Lars I was heading outside to snap a few pictures of my belly.  My plan was to use a wireless  shutter release or even the self timer but once Lars got the drift of what I was doing he said, “I want to take pictures of you, mama!!!” I generally can’t say no to him and this time was no different.  So what should have taken me like 30 or so minutes took an hour and a half and was painfully wonderful.  Lars was my button pusher on the camera.  I got him a chair to drag around so he could stand and reach the button because the camera was on a tripod. Most of the pictures are of my back as I walked to the place I wanted to be for the shot or of a random tree, the ground, the chickens, the sky, my ankle….

It was really something, y’all! J But I’m delighted to say that my maternity photographer was my beautiful boy and he did a great job….when he was completely distracted by all the buttons on the camera. 

As much as I love being the center of the party most of the time....I hate taking pictures especially ones with on one else in them. Again...awkward!!! but I now have some lovely pictures of my pregnancy to look back on and remember how incredibly uncomfortable I was...

i even got a shot with the photographer.  i'm a lucky gal. 

Friday, February 19, 2016

If I were a bird...

If I were a bird I’d have built at least 4.3 billion nests by now.  My ‘nesting’ phase with this pregnancy has been crazy! I remember having it Lars very very late (like 2 or 3 weeks before he arrived) but this has been nesting of another kind.  It started about a month ago and at times it can be all consuming if I don’t check myself. 

I would consider myself (when not pregnant) an averagely tidy person.  I don’t fret about small daily messes, I can go to bed with a semi dirty kitchen, my clothes can pile up on a chair in our room for a few days before I hang them.  I generally would do a good cleaning once a week and tidy up as much as possible during the week without it taking over. BUT starting about a month ago….oh goodness! It was like I got a horrible case of OCD .

The mornings are the worst (for whatever reason).  On days I’m home I have to do a few things in the morning or I’m just not satisfied.  I’ve organized every cabinet in our house.  The laundry cabinets, Lars’ art cabinet, the pantry, the kitchen drawers.  I’ve organized and purged toys, clothes and other home items like a maniac.  I completely emptied out my closet and rearranged stuff.  I started doing Bob’s closet before he took over because he said I was going crazy. I’ve gotten to Lars book collection, his closet, his room (I took everything off his walls, rearranged it and hung new and old stuff back up). 

On some weekend mornings I’ll make breakfast, we’ll all eat and then I find myself in a room organizing/purging stuff and Bob will come in and hand me a trash bag and say, ‘that kind of morning, huh?’ HE KNOWS!!  And just to be clear we don’t have an obscene amount of stuff…we really don’t.  I think we do a pretty good job of keeping ‘things’ to a minimum but my brain doesn’t think so at this point.

If I’m home and feel like I can’t focus on what’s important (playing with Lars, hanging out with the fam) I suggest that we get out of the house.  Sometimes my mind just starts pinging areas that I need to attack and I know it’s really not a big deal but God help me if I don’t get to it.  So we usually leave and I’m totally fine.  Sometimes, I’m even fine when we get back and I no longer give 2 shits about what was bothering before.  Talk about make a girl feel crazy!

I was laughing to tears the other evening while cooking dinner.  Lars kept opening the pantry and getting out zip lock baggies and taking them on the rug in the living room.  I eventually walked over and asked, ‘whatcha doin?’  He was putting toys and stuffed animals in different baggies and told me he was organizing and cleaning up.  This comes for a child that I have to beg and plead with to help pick up toys or shoes or books or ANYTHING.  Maybe my craziness has a silver lining???

Lars is and has been completely and utterly fascinated with dinosaurs for months now. OBSESSED! This is us a in a dino egg

That's a deinosuchus face painting.  In case you're not down with dinosaur and prehistoric animal terms, it was a giant prehistoric crocodile that lived with the dinosaurs.  Yes, I know this and so much more...more than I ever thought I would regarding dinosaurs and prehistoric animals. 

he tells us and everyone he meets that he wants to be a paleontologist (i know i know..he's only 3 4) but it's the cutest.  he also tells us he doesn't want or need to go to school because he already knows how to find dinosaurs.....

and compliments of Lars.  he suggested that that was the babies eye and hand. a bit creepy. 

Friday, February 12, 2016

What the hell happened?

I got pregnant...that's what happened and it's been kicking my butt.  This pregnancy has been the complete opposite of what my first one was which was lovely, dreamy, easy.  I'm not here to complain though! NO NO NO! I do enough of that at home when I try to simply get up from the couch or get out of bed.

I'm about 30 weeks.  Lars will be 4 in April.  I feel like at times, time is moving really quickly and slowly all at the same time.  Does that makes sense?  Probably not, but just go with it. Slowly because I've felt pretty shitty this whole pregnancy but quickly because my baby boy is growing up in what feels like the blink of an eye.

We took these lovely photos before Christmas.  I mustered up the energy to do my hair and make up and tried not to throw up for an hour. They are some of my faves.  The amazing Katherine O'Brien took them of course.  Who else would we use???

Oh man, I love these 2 guys so much!!!

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