Friday, March 18, 2016

Before We Were Mama and Daddy

(Bob and I wrote letters to each other before our wedding ceremony...this is what I received from him)

Obligatory Intro: There’s absolutely nothing I love more than my babies and Bob and the beautiful, lovely sometimes weird family we’ve created.  They all bring me so much joy.  I would never want a life without them now that I have them.  They are my world and when we’re all together it’s just so right. I wouldn’t change a thing about these beautiful people.

But that doesn’t mean that I don’t miss me and Bob's pre-family life.  Pre-kids, pre-mortgage, pre-chickens.  I remember being a few months pregnant with Lars and I began having little moments of panic and thinking to myself,  am I ready to give ‘just us’ up? I sort of mourned the loss of it being just us, for when you bring a baby into the mix it completely changes the dynamic…there’s just no way around that. 

When it was ‘just us’ it was so easy and we were sooooooooooo…  We could do what we wanted when we wanted.  Go to dinner at 9 PM on a week day?  Hell to the yes and get drinks?  Ummm…..yes. Wake up a tad problem.  Wake up a tad hungover now...have a bright eyed and bushy tailed 3 year old asking for chocolate chip pancakes in the shape of trex at 7 am....ughhhh vomit. Hence why we are never really a tad hungover unless we're away. 

Bob and I had such hard and long beginning to our relationship (hello 4 years of long distance) so when we finally were together it was like we had to squeeze in 4 years of dates and 4 years of trips and 4 years of snuggles and cuddles and kisses and hugs.  Our pre-family life was amazing.  We always knew we loved each other (again hello 4 years of long distance) but it was like we officially got to fall in love…IN PERSON on a daily basis!  It was magical and some of the best days of my life.  And so of course I miss it.

Starting a family creates a whole new way of being ‘us’.  It’s hard in the beginning and sometimes it’s easy to get scared and think (at least for me), have we lost that magical world?  But it just takes time. It takes time to figure out how to be ‘us’ in this new life.  You, without a doubt, have to shift gears.

I think it's really important to remember what it was like before starting a family. 

Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Things Lars Says

Anyone that has a toddler knows just how quickly a 'normal' conversation can turn hysterical.  I try my hardest to jot down some of the funny things Lars says but honestly that's all I'd be doing if I tried to record it all.

Lars: I'm going to sneak in your bedroom like a chameleon tonight
Me: you know, I'd like to try and stay in your 'chameleon' bed all night like a big boy.
Lars: But mama chameleon, sometimes I just need you to love on me
Me: Bubba, I love you so much no matter where you your room, at the library, outside
Lars: yeah, but sometimes I need to be close so I can touch your love
Me (thinking to myself): well shit...i guess he's going to sleep with us forever bc that's adorable.

Me: Bubs, why did you bring that (the star magnet from his magnadoodle) in the car with us?
Lars: Because when I put it right here (on his crotch) it makes me a have a star penis.
Me: okie dokie...whatever you say.

Lars: When the baby comes out of your mouth, can we get it a Christmas tree?
Me: Well, the baby is not coming out of my mouth (he knows this, he just thinks it's funny) and I don't know where we'll find a Christmas tree in April but maybe we can get a plant?
Lars: and decorate it and put presents under it
Me: perhaps....

Lars (feeling the baby kick for the first time): I didn't know the baby knew ninja!!!

Lars: Did you know that beetles are really just prehistoric dinosaurs
Me: I didn't know that!
Lars: you do now!  because I'm a paleontologist.

Lars: Did you hear that yak this morning?
Me: a yak? Was it maybe just a dog barking?
Lars: no, it sounds like this (making a snorting grunting noise)
Me: hmmm...I don't think I heard it.  I wonder what it was.
Lars: it was Daddy sounded just like a yak.

y'all this kid keeps us in stitches non stop. He amazes me not only with his vast knowledge of dinosaurs and prehistoric creatures (seriously....he's like a little professor), but with his sense of humor and ability to make any shitty situation a completely non shitty situation. He's the only person in the world that when (lately) he squeeze my cheeks together for a kiss says (in a voice like you'd be talking to furry cute puppy) "you chubby mama, you're so cute and chubby" and then kisses me, that I wouldn't punch in the face.

if you haven't figured it out by now...we're always on the search for dinosaurs. always!

that profile. i just can't! that button nose and long lashes and pouty lips. still looks like baby when he sleeps. 


lars and the yak

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