Monday, August 15, 2016

Sweet, Sweet Baby Townes

I get it now....when moms say the love doesn't divide it multiplies. When I would try to comprehend loving another being as much as I love Lars, I just couldn't....until Townes. It's seriously amazes me that we are capable of that much love.  A new word should be invented because it's more than's something that's indescribable. Sometimes, I feel like I'm going to burst because I love these boys so much.  Then tack on loving my other boy (Bob) and it makes me crazy.  So. Much. Love.

My precious, precious baby Townes....this is one chill baby.  And smiley, oh my goodness. If Townes is crying, he's hungry.  That's it. Otherwise this little bundle of goodness seems to always be in a good mood.  He laughs at everything and everyone.  I brought him to his 4 month check up last week and the doctor was pushing on his tummy and Townes was cracking up. He sometimes laughs when I just look him. He will often stay up way past what should be some kind of bedtime and just coos and smile at us.  It's pretty ridiculous.

He thinks Lars is the funniest person on the planet (which I mean he is).  He's obsessed with putting his hands in his mouth. He drools like there's no tomorrow, but no teeth yet.  He's just started to get a little chubby, which YUM! He's super long and basically doesn't fit in his swing anymore because his little feet hang off.  He's rolled over once or twice but doesn't seem too interested. He LOVES his baths.  He already reminds me of Bob...just chillin' and taking everything in.

that tiny booty, those perfect feet...ughhh, make a girl crazy

I was in a bit of denial that this newborn shirt still fit. Townes knows the truth

we make babies with good hair. 

if ever a moment summed up Lars, this is it. Townes was fussing after he woke up and I was pumping and trying to get the milk in a bag in the fridge and I walked in and heard Lars singing Hush, Little Baby.  He had crawled in, given Townes his binky, snuggled him and was singing. I almost didn't know what to do because I don't think my heart had ever felt that way. The love Lars has for his baby brother amazes me daily.  While there are many a days that Lars test every ounce of patience I have, will push every button and question everything I say (my mom would chime in right here and say...hahahahahaha!!! payback) he is just the sweetest and my goodness does he loves Townes. 

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