Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Lars' Room

I have a slight love affair with empty white space.   That probably doesn’t come as a surprise to people who know me.  Even in my work it shows up more often than not. I like empty space because when things feel cluttered around me, I feel cluttered.  When we began renovating our house (excuse me while I throw up in my mouth….ughhh…that was the worst) painting the walls white was one of the first things we did and boy did it make a difference!  It brightened up the entire house , made it feel airy and clean (even though it was in the process of renovations and there was dust everywhere). 

I also have the opposite of a hoarding problem.  What’s that called?  I can’t stand when stuff accumulates and when I say stuff I mean STUFF.  Toys, crafts, shoes, clothes, towels, reusable grocery bags, etc….Some mornings I’ll wake up and I’m on a mission.  Bob just goes and gets a bag or 4 and I make piles to donate and to take to the dump. 
I like our space to have as little clutter as possible.  You’d probably think I was lying if you walked into my house on any given day but I can only control so much.  Day to day life often times takes over and it takes us a few days to get things back in order. The fewer things we have the less clutter there is and the less mess we have to clean.

Lars’ room is perhaps the exception to my mantra.  When he started having ideas and opinions for his room, I tried hard not to stand in the way.  The only thing I said no to was painting his walls pink (his favorite color) only because we had just painted every wall and ceiling in the house white and we hope to sell the house in the near future.  I told him whenever we get into a new house he can paint his walls J

Lars like any 4 year old has lots of interest.  Obviously dinosaurs take the lead but he also loves rocks, animals, star wars, crafts and books.  And that’s mainly what his room is all about.  In the beginning I had the urge to take things off the wall because if felt cluttered but I’ve come to love it.  When you walk in his room, you know exactly who’s room it is. 

I love that everything in his room means something to him.  His dream catchers are one of the first things I purchased for his room when we had just moved in.  His drawings are one that he obviously loved enough to tape on his wall.  His rocks...OH his rocks! They are very important and have been specially selected, washed and rinsed and placed.  

He is constantly hanging things on his walls and adding more rocks to his dresser or shelf.  He loves his room and that makes me really happy.  He even gets excited about changing his sheets!! He has two sets of dinosaur sheets and when I was a set, it's like he's never seen them before.  It's the cutest. I'm not super into printed bedding (again love affair with empty white space) but when we got Lars his big boy bed he desperately wanted dinosaur sheets and let me just tell you....they were not as easy to find as you would think! 

his quilt was made by his favorite and beloved aunt ann when he was just a wee lad

i framed this preemie onesie that he wore right after coming home....sigh  his maraca was a gift from my mom while on a trip to Mexico.  the framed painting is the first finger painting he ever did 

a pot that he picked out from my aunts house 

a giant moth that he insisted on keeping 

a map of costa rica (because he can't wait to go there) and a small portion of his books and a framed water color frog print he selected

a parrot that's been past down to us from his mimi, and a framed jelly fish water print he picked out at the lavender festival

love him so...and his room

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