Tuesday, November 1, 2016

This weeks dinners and my grocery list....

Last weeks menu was a hit at our house.  The only recipe I didn't get around to making was the Carrot Tahini Soup which is on the rotation for this week because it sounds too delicious to pass up.  I skipped the soup because we ended up getting a late start on dinner one night and had leftover spaghetti and neatballs.  It worked.

I try to make my menus last a full week, Monday to Monday that way we have Monday or Tuesday to grocery shop.

this is the vegan ramen from last weeks menu.  it was easy but a little more time consuming than i would normally like to spend only because i've never made ramen and i was following the recipe pretty strictly and once I got half way through it, I noticed it said to let the broth cook for TWO HOURS......ummm that didn't happen... but we all LOVED it.  

this is the carrot and broccoli salad with miso ginger sauce.  it was amazing and you must make it! 

This week menu

Carrot Tahini Soup (vegan and gluten free.  also, i refuse to pine nuts because they are stupidly expensive so i'll probably use pumpkin seeds)

Luxurious Tomato Basil Pasta (this is a vegan, gluten free recipe that we all love and is from one of my favorite cooks books, Oh She Glows)

Spicy Potato 'n Black Bean Burritos (this recipe is vegan and gluten free, but I foresee us adding some cheese and maybe greek yogurt)

Falafel Wraps with Tzatziki Sauce (no real recipe for this. I use the falafel mix from whole foods and make a quick Tzatziki Sauce  and top it with spinach, olives, feta and tomatoes)

Black Bean Burgers and Fries

Pizza (Bob's famous weekly addition)

Spicy Peanut Sweet Potato Soba Noodles (this one is making it back on the list from last week, but it's super quick and yum.  I may change it up a bit)

If I'm feeling sassy :) i may make these One Bowl Jumbo Chocolate Chunk Cookies (vegan, gluten and refined sugar free)

Here's my grocery list...after i sent this to bob I immediately texted, OH AND WINE...OF COURSE

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