Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Tripod Holiday Photos

Some years I have my shit together enough to have Katherine take our photos and other years not so much. This year was of the latter.  This year was a set the camera up on the tripod and hope for the best.  I've done this twice for family photos and after we're done I swear up and down that I will never do it again and I will get it together the following year.  It's hard enough trying to get a good family photo with no one crying or pouting or making a 4 year old cheese face with a great photographer let along blindly trying to take it. What's a girl to do?

There's this place in our yard that at around 4:30 has the most spectacular light.  I've always loved it and had this grand idea that we would take these beautiful back lit family photos for the holidays. Well, i got a few of those but I also got an abundance of lens flare which looks cool in some of the pictures but most of them were a hot mess. Trying to set up a picture, get the kids looking at the camera, making sure Bob's not being ridiculous and that I look like a doting loving mother.....it's exhausting.

this is by far my most favorite and it was the last one taken. the way lars is holding townes' hand... it's almost too much to handle. so much love

these guys have my heart! oh lars, you are so 4 years old! 

the word love seems insignificant to the way i feel about this guy. 

and this guy, my squishy

and this one too

this picture sums everything up perfectly.  i thought for sure everyone was smiling wonderfully at the camera.  Townes is obviously confused as to why he's not on my hip and why i'm so far away.  Lars is being Lars and this is what happens when I ask him to do a good smile and Bob who was being a trooper but was pretty not thrilled because I pulled him away from the middle of an Eagles game to take these pictures

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