Hi. I'm Ashley. Most of my days are a balance of poopy diapers, Adobe Illustrator, kisses for my husband, kisses for my son and a pint (or 2) of beer.  It's what I like to call beautiful chaos.  It's really a lovely thing. For about 20 mins every day I feel like I've got the hang of things and then I step out of the shower and I realize that wouldn't be any fun.....right? But there's always an adorable face greeting me immediately when I step out that makes everything great.

I'm lucky enough to have gotten hitched to this cool dude a few years ago.  He's my beer brewing, plant loving, lawyer-ish husband Bob and not only does he fix things around the house he also fixes my pint glass when it gets empty.  Without him I'd be doing all this sober.....BORING.

I was also graciously allowed to be mom to this full time baby comedian.  We're not proponents of child labor but I think he could pull his own weight in a comedy show.  The kid cracks me up.  Lars was born in April of 2012 at The Austin Area Birthing Center and was the outcome of the most painful, excruciatingly wonderful experience.  Nowadays, Bob and I are trying desperately to raise Lars with morals and values that he will carry with him for the rest of his life.....eehhhhh.... who am I kidding? We really just try to use less 4 letter words around him and encourage him to keep his clothes on. It's a fine balance.

I started this blog shortly after I found out I was preggers to keep our families posted on all the exciting and sometimes nauseating news.  After a few years of blogging I realized that I thoroughly enjoy the whole experience and started to include posts on a variety of different topics and got good feedback. So here I am. Here we are.

I dabble in design and marketing for my day job but have a love for interior design, vegetarian food, all things mommy related and adjusting to life in the country.  Bob and I recently bought a house in beautiful Hill Country and are in the process of a complete renovation.  Why not add one more thing?  The more the merrier!

Please note that grammar is not my forte.  I sometimes get lazy and don't capitalize or punctuate, probably have an ass load of run on sentences (is that what they are still called?), tons of misspellings and profanity is a form of expression.

Photo's were taken by Katherine O'Brien

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