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Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Getting Back to Dinner

There once was a time when I had dinner mapped out weekly, the meals were delicious and healthy, the grocery list was well thought out and double checked and  we weren't going to the grocery store 3 times a week.  Then.... BABY.  Since Townes was born dinner has been sort of a shit storm most weeks. There were a few unusual weeks tossed in the past 6 months that I had it together but very very few and I've been ok with it until NOW. Having a new baby is hard.  It takes any routine you had and tosses it out the window, drags it down the road, puts it on a plane and sends it to a small far away country that you didn't even know existed and if you're lucky it comes back to visit every once in a while but mostly you create all new routines.  It takes time. So, I wasn't too hard on us for having the same 4 meals on rotation (for 6 months) or for having to hit up the grocery store 3 times a week.  We were in the trenches; trying to create this new life and new routine.'s time! It's time to get it together. I'm tired of spending extra money on groceries because we can't get a list together and I'm tired of eating some form of coconut sweet potatoes and black beans, butternut squash, kale and goat cheese and pizza.  All of those are delicious but we've exhausted them.

So here we go. I adore fall and all fall foods. It's my favorite, so what better time to start?

This weeks menu:

Carrot Tahini Soup
Easy Vegan Ramen  (i'll let you know how 'easy' it is)
Spicy Peanut Sweet Potato Soba Noodles
Lentil Walnut Tacos with Smokey Cashew Sauce
Carrot and Broccoli Salad with Miso Ginger Sauce 
Lars' Favorite Spaghetti and Neatballs (I don't make this vegan, but loosely follow this recipe.  I use Parmesan and sometimes an eggs in the mix)

I'm also hoping to whip up these bad boys: Pumpkin Ginger Bread Muffins and some more of these Peanut Butter Munchy Bars which I actually made into balls instead of bars.  Lars LOVES them and they are great for sticking in his lunch.

That's a wrap.  Hopefully this post will keep me honest and I'll have some pictures of wonderful dinners!

Friday, March 20, 2015

Why are we vegetarians?

I’ve been a vegetarian, well,  for what seems like since I can remember, but I guess officially since the age of 10 when I told my mom I wanted to be a veterinarian and she said something like, ‘oh that’s sweet to want to be a doctor for animals.’ Wait, what? I don’t want to be a doctor for animals I just don’t want to eat them.  ‘Oh, you mean a vegetarian.’  Yes! A vegetarian.

My mom will tell you that I never liked meat.  Never wanted it, never asked for it.  She tells me I did eat it growing up, but it was a rarity.  Honestly, I have no memories of eating meat. I have memories of picking the meat out of my food, memories of just eating rice and gravy because I didn't want the meat and memories of crying because my Dad and brother (and the rest of my entire male family) brought home dead ducks to cook.   To me it just seemed sad.

So at the ripe old age of 10, I think I finally put together that I didn't like meat and it made me sad and I had learned what a vegetarian was and so it started.  I haven’t eaten meat in 20+ years.

My mom was very accepting and probably not all that surprised.  She bought vegetarian cook books and most nights would cook 2 separate meals.  My dad, well he tried but it was so foreign to him and I’m pretty sure to this day, after 20+ years he still thinks it’s a phase.  After a few years he accepted it (understand it? no) but he did cleaned his vegetarian plate of food at our wedding and liked it…or so he says.   Pretty sure that was the first and probably last vegetarian meal he has or will ever eat.

When Bob and I moved in together in California, Bob was not a vegetarian.  He didn't eat a lot of meat but he ate chicken and turkey.  I even would cook it for him occasionally…with gloves, a scrunched up nose, and a gag reflex of course.  But over time he ate less and less meat.  Some may think I persuaded him but I didn’t…not at all.  Sure it was easier for me to cook a vegetarian meal because I liked it and knew how to do it but Bob made the choice all by his big boy self.  Now, bob is not 100% vegetarian... more like 99.5%.  He’ll eat turkey on Thanksgiving/Christmas but that’s about it.  Bob’s decision,  I feel comes more from compassion then just not liking it.  Bob is the most compassionate person I have ever known…hence why he captures and releases ANY insect or rodent that he finds in or near our house and why he has the job he has. 

awwwww....i had just moved to cali and we had only been living together for a few months.  so crazy

We don’t force Lars to be a vegetarian but on that same token, vegetarianism is our lifestyle and well Lars is like the main part of our life so there’s that.  Lars has tried meat on several occasions and sometimes he’s been cool with it and other times he’s pushed it away.  We want Lars to be raised with compassion and love and kindness and for us (just us personally) part of that is having compassion for animals.  Now, I’m not saying people that eat meat aren't compassionate…don’t go and get your panties all in a wad, but for us love and compassion includes being vegetarians.

he's been an excellent (and mighty adorable) vegetarian from his first days eating solids

There are most certainly times that I question a vegetarian lifestyle.  With all this paelo and GAPS diet information it’s hard not to wonder if I should incorporate meat into our meals.  But you know when you’re thinking about making a decision and you know that if you make it, you just wouldn't feel right…that’s how we feel.  I can read the testimonies and the studies of how including meat and meat by products (bone broth and gelatin and meat and fish) in your daily routine can make you magical and have superpowers and super immunity but, we, morally, just wouldn't feel good about and that, aside from not liking it, is the main reason we have chosen to be vegetarian and have a vegetarian family.

Being a vegetarian is not so much a health conscious choice for our family but more a compassionate and moral choice.  For me, personally it’s not a choice at all.  I love animals and I don’t want to eat them but I also really dislike the texture and taste of meat.  Just like some people don’t like raw broccoli or bananas…I just don’t like it. Sidenote: when I was pregnant I was terrified I was going to grave medium rare steaks….it’s still a fear for the any future pregnancies.

Perhaps one day Lars will grow up and rebel and become a hot dog eating professional but until then we're going to stick to our veggies. 

Monday, March 2, 2015

Cabin Fever

Just when we thought it wasn't going to be too cold this winter (at least for Texas) Mother Nature reminded us that the weather here is without a doubt batshit crazy.  Two weeks ago we were eating outside at a restaurant and it was hot…like 80 degrees.  Lars had on shorts and I wished I hadn't worn jeans.   Well, the past week and a half has been the complete opposite.  It’s been cold, rainy, icy, cloudy and windy with one day in the mix that was 75 and humid because ya know…it’s Texas.

Yes, I’m aware that other parts of the country probably would think it feels like summer down here and would be more than happy to trade places with someplace that doesn't have 100 feet of snow, but again…we live in Texas and when it’s cold and icy for more than a day we get stir crazy.
Lars has woken up every morning asking if the sun is out and if it’s warm.  He’s chomping at the bit to spend his days outside like usual.  We can bundle up and spend maybe 45 mins outside here and there before the wind becomes too much or it starts raining.

We've had to get really creative to keep all of us from going completely stir crazy. Over the weekend we pulled off all the couch cushions and laid them on the living room floor, covered them with a blanket and poured all of Lars’ stuffed animals around them and pretended to be on a boat or a safari or in the tractor on a farm.  We baked and cooked.  We made popsicles.  We wore out our excitement with play dough, colors, markers and glitter (bob bought glitter and I served him with divorce papers….not really but it was close.  I despise glitter).  Lars even found some paper lanterns from Ikea that use to hang in nursery and he thought they were the coolest for the 30 minutes they lasted before he destroyed them.  We organized his books and purged some of his toys.  I even purged my closet.  We were getting desperate.  I think even the cats were going a little nuts. They have a little doggy door that allows them go outside whenever but the whole thing was covered in ice all weekend.

We ventured out yesterday to pick up some indoor activities (being that the rest of the week is a total cluster of more clouds and rain and cold) that included a wooden animal paint set, balloons, play dough tools, coloring books, bubbles (because we wanted to see if they would freeze outside….they didn’t), cut out animals and food…lots of food.  We emptied out beer boxes and made animals caves out of them, we had dance offs and made up songs.  We filled the master tub up as high as it would go with bubbles and jumped in.  All of this was fun, but it just doesn't compare to playing outside. 

We don’t mind the cold but we want a little sunshine please.  

morning snuggles may be my favorite part of the day

making granola bars

he asked if it was warm out and when i said no he laid on the floor and siged.  a bit dramatic? yes, but i feel his pain. 

the magical paper lanterns and a beer box = fun for at least 30 minutes

these two make my heart swoon.  they walk alike, talk a like, look alike

all his stuffed animals on the boat

paper lantern fun

never in my life did i imagine i would love so much and find such joy.  true happiness is looking into those sweet big blue eyes. 

We are dreaming of these days

painting rocks and flower pots

looks like i interrupted some boy talk but they sure are adorable!

hiking on the property

walking through the creek hunting for dinosaurs. 


corn and black bean fritters with cilantro lime yogurt sauce and sweet potato fries

homemade roasted butternut squash and kale pizza with goat cheese

smoothie bowl with chia and hemp seeds, honey and bananas. 

our homemade granola bars

vegetable soup.  no recipe needed, just empty out the fridge. 

hummus...can never have enough hummus

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

I cry in the car...

I have a fairly long commute to and from work...about 45 mins each way.  Some days it zooms by, I enjoy the scenery and my music and I'm there before I know it. Other days I dread the long drive, hate having to usually pee about 10 mins from my destination and getting stuck behind a construction truck that moves at the speed of a slow turtle.  Basically, some days I enjoy the quiet time and some days I don't.

I usually fill my time with loud singing and the occasional phone call (hands free of course when I make it to ATX) but sometimes my thoughts start to roam and I get deep.  And in the passed few weeks I've cried.  Why, you ask.  Because............... I simply cannot believe my baby boy is going to be turning 3 this year.  I know...I know. It's cliche and sappy and it's only January but y'all I have no control over it.

I had no issues with the second birthday or EVEN the first, but this turning three thing is for the birds.  What is it about turning three that has me all in a sappy mommy mess?  I don't know.....

Lars has grown up so much in the passed year and I think it just really hit me...hard. While I know he is still so little and a mere 3 years on the planet is nothing, he's definitely made some leaps and bounds.

He's potty trained, which shockingly went much smoother than I had ever thought possible. He doesn't want a booster seat at a restaurant anymore.  He tells me all the time that he can do it by himself...'i got it, mama'.  He has full blown conversations with me about his day.  He knows where stuff is when I can't find, clothes, stuffed animals, his toothbrush.  He's just growing up and it's hard.  As joyous and most of the time hysterical to see him interact with the world, it's also tough.

oh man...these 2.  i just can't get enough. 

Saturday morning chocolate chip waffles

eating icicles off the trees

I'm not sure who loves Bob's new (old) Ford truck more...

y'all remember the human seat belt, right? To clarify we were just driving around the property. 

putting on the new plates...and eating the icicles off the front. 

boy loves icicles.

I hope whenever we decide to sale this house that the person who buys it likes chalk art bc
I'm not so sure that chalk is coming off.  Our house is like a giant chalk board for Lars and I love it. 

my precious Maw Maw who passed away in March made these beautiful beaded and embroidered pieces.  For as long as I can remember they have been hanging in their house and for as long as I can remember I have loved them.  Now, I feel ever so lucky to have them hanging in my house. I was not planning on hanging one in Lars' room, but when I took them out of the paper he begged for this one in his room.  He told me it was a mommy peacock and a baby peacock.  I,of course didn't break the news that I think it's a mommy and daddy peacock.  So we rearranged his collage wall for the addition.  He loves it and I think it's perfect.  It's just so special. 

The other hangs in my living room and adds a nice element of fancy to the place.  My maw maw, while a bit of a tomboy loved fancy :) 

Friday, December 19, 2014

Happy Everything

Because my last post was close to 10 million years ago, I wanted to post a few bits and pieces of what's been happening.  We've been busy...just like everyone else.  The holidays are always fun but always busy.

This beautiful scene happens almost every morning of my drive into Austin and it never fails that I have to stop and take a picture, even though I have 50. 

We celebrated Bob's birthday in November and per his request I made a chocolate peanut butter cake and wellllll.....I'm sure you can imagine that while it was not the least bit healthy, it was delicious!

Caught in the act

 We found the perfect tree! 

Summer, is that you?  Oh no, it's just a batch of citrus water because it felt like summer the first week of December. 

Bob's contribution to the Thanksgiving meal. 

and my contribution.  A chocolate pecan pie.  WHAT?! 

I made homeade black bean sliders.  I've attempted to make several homeade veggie burgers and have never found one that I really like...until now! It's the easiest and quickest recipe and the best. 

Does this come naturally?? I feel like he had an innate desire to ask me for the paper while he was pooping. 

Looking for the perfect one! 

We made NINJA bread cookies. 

Nana brough Lars a tree for his room and mini decorations. 

Lars has taken up a new painting medium...his feet. 

Hope everyone has a lovely lovely holiday season.  

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