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Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Getting Back to Dinner

There once was a time when I had dinner mapped out weekly, the meals were delicious and healthy, the grocery list was well thought out and double checked and  we weren't going to the grocery store 3 times a week.  Then.... BABY.  Since Townes was born dinner has been sort of a shit storm most weeks. There were a few unusual weeks tossed in the past 6 months that I had it together but very very few and I've been ok with it until NOW. Having a new baby is hard.  It takes any routine you had and tosses it out the window, drags it down the road, puts it on a plane and sends it to a small far away country that you didn't even know existed and if you're lucky it comes back to visit every once in a while but mostly you create all new routines.  It takes time. So, I wasn't too hard on us for having the same 4 meals on rotation (for 6 months) or for having to hit up the grocery store 3 times a week.  We were in the trenches; trying to create this new life and new routine.'s time! It's time to get it together. I'm tired of spending extra money on groceries because we can't get a list together and I'm tired of eating some form of coconut sweet potatoes and black beans, butternut squash, kale and goat cheese and pizza.  All of those are delicious but we've exhausted them.

So here we go. I adore fall and all fall foods. It's my favorite, so what better time to start?

This weeks menu:

Carrot Tahini Soup
Easy Vegan Ramen  (i'll let you know how 'easy' it is)
Spicy Peanut Sweet Potato Soba Noodles
Lentil Walnut Tacos with Smokey Cashew Sauce
Carrot and Broccoli Salad with Miso Ginger Sauce 
Lars' Favorite Spaghetti and Neatballs (I don't make this vegan, but loosely follow this recipe.  I use Parmesan and sometimes an eggs in the mix)

I'm also hoping to whip up these bad boys: Pumpkin Ginger Bread Muffins and some more of these Peanut Butter Munchy Bars which I actually made into balls instead of bars.  Lars LOVES them and they are great for sticking in his lunch.

That's a wrap.  Hopefully this post will keep me honest and I'll have some pictures of wonderful dinners!

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

I cry in the car...

I have a fairly long commute to and from work...about 45 mins each way.  Some days it zooms by, I enjoy the scenery and my music and I'm there before I know it. Other days I dread the long drive, hate having to usually pee about 10 mins from my destination and getting stuck behind a construction truck that moves at the speed of a slow turtle.  Basically, some days I enjoy the quiet time and some days I don't.

I usually fill my time with loud singing and the occasional phone call (hands free of course when I make it to ATX) but sometimes my thoughts start to roam and I get deep.  And in the passed few weeks I've cried.  Why, you ask.  Because............... I simply cannot believe my baby boy is going to be turning 3 this year.  I know...I know. It's cliche and sappy and it's only January but y'all I have no control over it.

I had no issues with the second birthday or EVEN the first, but this turning three thing is for the birds.  What is it about turning three that has me all in a sappy mommy mess?  I don't know.....

Lars has grown up so much in the passed year and I think it just really hit me...hard. While I know he is still so little and a mere 3 years on the planet is nothing, he's definitely made some leaps and bounds.

He's potty trained, which shockingly went much smoother than I had ever thought possible. He doesn't want a booster seat at a restaurant anymore.  He tells me all the time that he can do it by himself...'i got it, mama'.  He has full blown conversations with me about his day.  He knows where stuff is when I can't find, clothes, stuffed animals, his toothbrush.  He's just growing up and it's hard.  As joyous and most of the time hysterical to see him interact with the world, it's also tough.

oh man...these 2.  i just can't get enough. 

Saturday morning chocolate chip waffles

eating icicles off the trees

I'm not sure who loves Bob's new (old) Ford truck more...

y'all remember the human seat belt, right? To clarify we were just driving around the property. 

putting on the new plates...and eating the icicles off the front. 

boy loves icicles.

I hope whenever we decide to sale this house that the person who buys it likes chalk art bc
I'm not so sure that chalk is coming off.  Our house is like a giant chalk board for Lars and I love it. 

my precious Maw Maw who passed away in March made these beautiful beaded and embroidered pieces.  For as long as I can remember they have been hanging in their house and for as long as I can remember I have loved them.  Now, I feel ever so lucky to have them hanging in my house. I was not planning on hanging one in Lars' room, but when I took them out of the paper he begged for this one in his room.  He told me it was a mommy peacock and a baby peacock.  I,of course didn't break the news that I think it's a mommy and daddy peacock.  So we rearranged his collage wall for the addition.  He loves it and I think it's perfect.  It's just so special. 

The other hangs in my living room and adds a nice element of fancy to the place.  My maw maw, while a bit of a tomboy loved fancy :) 

Friday, December 19, 2014

Happy Everything

Because my last post was close to 10 million years ago, I wanted to post a few bits and pieces of what's been happening.  We've been busy...just like everyone else.  The holidays are always fun but always busy.

This beautiful scene happens almost every morning of my drive into Austin and it never fails that I have to stop and take a picture, even though I have 50. 

We celebrated Bob's birthday in November and per his request I made a chocolate peanut butter cake and wellllll.....I'm sure you can imagine that while it was not the least bit healthy, it was delicious!

Caught in the act

 We found the perfect tree! 

Summer, is that you?  Oh no, it's just a batch of citrus water because it felt like summer the first week of December. 

Bob's contribution to the Thanksgiving meal. 

and my contribution.  A chocolate pecan pie.  WHAT?! 

I made homeade black bean sliders.  I've attempted to make several homeade veggie burgers and have never found one that I really like...until now! It's the easiest and quickest recipe and the best. 

Does this come naturally?? I feel like he had an innate desire to ask me for the paper while he was pooping. 

Looking for the perfect one! 

We made NINJA bread cookies. 

Nana brough Lars a tree for his room and mini decorations. 

Lars has taken up a new painting medium...his feet. 

Hope everyone has a lovely lovely holiday season.  

Thursday, October 30, 2014

The First Getaway in 2.5 years

Two and a half years.  That’s how long it had been since Bob and I had been away together for the night.  I know! I know! All you seasoned mom’s out there are yelling at me and thinking I’m crazy.  Let me just say that I was ready for a night away a little while back but someone else needed a little more time.  I won’t name any names but he’s my baby daddy.

So after roughly 895 days he was ready.  It never bothered me that Bob ( you know who I was talking about) didn’t feel ready to leave for the night.  I actually thought it was really sweet.

Now, we have gone on dates (dinner, movie, and brewery) but never away for the night.  So a few months ago when I mentioned it to Bob, I was surprised that he agreed.  When we started making plans we were going to do a little small town getaway but we waited way too late to book a cute little b&b and we thought we were going to have to reschedule.  But we decided that we just needed to go somewhere.  We had my aunt all set to come stay with Lars and we were both excited to get away.  So at the last minute we booked a room in San Antonio.

Neither of us are big fan of San Antonio but it was the best solution for booking stuff literally the night before.  We got a room atreally nice hotel on the riverwalk, we made reservations a swanky little wine bar and bought tickets for a comedy show. 

Bob and I used to travel all the time.  We would be somewhere different every weekend.  So although this was a short trip it was great to have a little fun.  While we had a ball, we both missed Lars very much come Sunday morning.  We had plans to get brunch and hit up a couple of shops but we woke up early after saying over and over again we were going to sleep in and we grabbed coffee and headed back home. 

Monday, September 8, 2014

Vacations in a row

Well we are all vacation-ed out…if that’s possible.  We just got back from Galveston and the weekend before we had a spontaneous weekend getaway to San Antonio.  We had so much fun and aside from the fact that Lars got sick the last few days in Galveston, he was a real trooper and managed to stick it out. 
I thought I would share some funny Lars-isms from vacation

Lars: Are we going back to the hotel, mama?
Me: Yep!
Lars: is the room still available?
Me: Ummm…I hope so.  How do you know what available means?

Lars: My swim diaper is bothering me
Me: But Bubba you don’t have a swim diaper on.  Was it bothering you earlier?
Lars: It was squeezing my big penis.
Me: Should I buy bigger swim diapers?
Lars: Yeah….

Me: (playing the would rather game while driving) Would you rather toast or apples?
Lars: apple….PIE!
Me: Smart boy.

Me: (while traveling) Hey, Lars look at all the pretty clouds over there. They are so dark and peaceful.
Lars: fake snores
Me: Oh, am I boring you?
Lars: fake snores

Nana: Lars, lets get back to the condo and see if Poppi David caught any crabs.
Lars: Does Poppi David have crabs?

Lars: (walks behind a chair and toots) HEY I HAVE THE TOOTS! 

couldn't leave without a couple of hermit crabs 

These are from our weekend in San Antonio

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